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IAB Spotlight On: News @ NewFronts

Shining a Spotlight on the Value of News Media for Brands and Society

In an era where reliable information is more crucial than ever, IAB brought together CEOs, thought leaders, advertisers, and passionate individuals to spotlight media’s role in supporting quality journalism. You can now watch on demand this insightful NewFronts session where we learn about the power of news to drive results for brands and how news publishers are making supporting news easier than ever.

Hosted by IAB, empowering the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy, in partnership with The New York Times, dedicated to seeking the truth and helping people understand the world, with support from leading news organizations.

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IAB Industry Leading Conferences - Sessions on Demand

IAB Podcast Upfront

2024 IAB Podcast Upfront on May 9th showcased podcasting’s ability to delight audiences and create superior marketing opportunities for advertisers.

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IAB NewFronts

2024 IAB NewFronts showcased the latest digital video content and innovations, bringing together brand marketers and media buyers to explore the future of digital media. From April 29th to May 2nd, the event featured numerous live presentations in various venues throughout New York City.

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IAB PlayFronts

2024 IAB PlayFronts, the premier annual marketplace dedicated to showcasing advertising and partnership opportunities in the dynamic gaming industry, recently concluded its third year on March 26th and 27th.

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IAB Annual Leadership Meeting

2024 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting gathered digital pioneers and business leaders in sunny Florida for executive keynotes, insightful panel discussions, and curated networking experiences on opportunities in Generative AI, Responsible Media, Commerce, and the Evolution of Streaming.

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