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IAB Membership – Categories and Dues

Member Categories

  1. General members are corporate entities or standalone divisions of a corporate entity that participate in the digital ecosystem and may provide products and services, or derive revenue from the sale, delivery, or optimization of digital.
    • Examples include publishers, technology companies, platforms, marketers, measurement and analytics providers, data companies, etc
  2. Associate members are other companies that support the digital marketing-media ecosystem.
  3. Pre-revenue and startup companies, whether they fall under associate or general membership, may be a Startup member for up to 2 years if they meet both of the following:
    • Less than two years old (from incorporation); AND
    • Have less than $1M in revenue

If you are unsure which category your company would fall under, please contact [email protected]

General Membership Dues Amounts for 2019

2017 Annual Domestic Digital Revenue (rounded to the nearest $1 million) Additional Increments (per $1 million rounded revenue) Membership Dues (subtotal per tier)
$0 – 7 million $10,000
$8 – 9 million $1,054 $11,054-$12,108
$10 – 34 million $702 $12,810 – $29,658
$35 – 74 million $570 $30,228 – $52,458
$75 – 199 million $372 $52,830 – $98,958
$200 – 499 million $286 $99,244 – $184,758
$500 – 999 million $220 $184,978 – $294,758
$1 billion+ $175 $294,933+

Dues are cumulative from level to level once digital revenue is greater than $7 million.

Membership Dues
All dues are for a calendar year of membership. Dues are not subject to negotiation and may not be included in any form of barter arrangement.

General Membership Dues
Dues for General members are a percentage of total U.S. domestic digital revenue for a two-year trailing calendar year. Digital revenue is applied to above rate card to calculate your annual dues.

Digital Revenue is defined as any revenue associated with digital products, and services, advertising, marketing programs or campaigns. No costs may be subtracted from the total revenue figure for the purpose of the calculation of net revenues, including but not limited to taxes, staff costs, expenses, or customer/audience acquisition costs. This includes any digital revenues paid to the company minus any fees paid out to content partners.

General members must report their previous calendar year’s revenues to the IAB in order to facilitate billing of the following year’s dues. Minimum IAB dues for General members shall be $10,000 if your (rounded) revenue is under $7 million. Annual dues will be capped at $750,000. All revenue is rounded to the nearest million before any calculations are applied.

Associate Membership Dues
Dues for Associate members are $10,000 for a full calendar year.

Startup Membership Dues
Dues for Startup members are $5,000 for a full calendar year. Startup memberships are limited to a maximum of two calendar years and at the end of that period, membership will convert to General or Associate based on the company’s business classification.

Other Considerations

  1. If an acquired company or division was not a part of the member company two years previously, its own digital revenues from two years prior do still count towards the dues calculation, as that company/division does get benefit from IAB today.
  2. If a company or division has been divested, but was still a part of the member company two years previously, its own digital revenues from two years prior are removed from the total for the purpose of dues calculation.

To apply for IAB membership, please contact [email protected]

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