Testimonials for IAB Digital Leadership Program

Testimonials for IAB Digital Leadership Program
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“(This course) provided me with a fresh perspective on the trends, innovations and buying patterns our competition is offering. The three days energized me and allowed me to bring back insights to my team to build upon for 2016.”

– Local Sales Manager, Time Warner Cable Media


“The IAB Digital Leadership Program gave me insight on how we can better evaluate our campaigns and measure different KPIs other than just ecommerce revenue as well as new tools.”

– Marketing CRM Manager, Jordan’s Furniture & MBA


“The program will help me in organizing data and positioning for our product in a cramped marketplace.”

– Account Manager, Fuisz Media


“It will benefit me in my current position because I need to look ahead and determine how my organization and team can adapt to all the changes happening today. We need to be thought leaders and realize that there is no expert in any aspect of digital media buying or selling right now. We can only educate ourselves and strive for excellence.”

– Account Director, Integrated Media, Active International


IAB Digital Leadership Program