IAB Global Network

The IAB Global Network brings together a total of 47 IAB licensees, including one regional organization in Europe to share challenges, develop global solutions and advance the digital advertising industry worldwide. IABs are located in North America, South America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe. Each association is independently owned and operated, functioning under bylaws consonant with local market needs to further the best interests of the industry they serve. IAB Europe, based in Brussels is the only regional representative body in the network, created to advance the needs of that continent’s 28 national IABs and their hundreds of corporate members.

Competition for consumers’ hearts and minds is no longer bounded by geographic frontiers – digital marketing, news, entertainment, and content are all global. The new-media marketplace naturally bleeds across frontiers, often with knee-high barriers to entry.

Through the IAB Global Network, all IABs will help their members become digital influencers worldwide.

IABs from around the world:

  • Help build markets
  • Bring members together for common interests
  • Make digital standards fluid across boundaries
  • Produce world-class events for top digital influencers

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