Though 2020 is in the past, the effects of the social injustices still linger. Voices rang out to enact change and the spotlight turned on the lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in the digital media ecosystem. To lead this change and rally the industry, the IAB stepped-in and stepped-up by launching the IAB Inclusion Institute in September 2020. To succeed, we must be intentional, we must build an action plan, and we must hold ourselves accountable.

The Inclusion Institute is an IAB campaign committed to realizing a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse industry that is sustainable. We are looking to accomplish this through outreach, education, leadership development and accountability done with our partnerships in the digital media ecosystem.

With the help of our Founding Partner, SNAP, the IAB Inclusion Institute is looking to 2021 as a time for action. We will be actualizing many new programs that will have an immediate impact on the industry today and for years to come. Check back here for updates and information about how you and your organization can participate.

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Snap 2

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