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The digital advertising marketplace grows more complex daily, making it more critical than ever to master the latest trends and changes.

We listened to our members, and the IAB set out to create standardized benchmarks to ensure that partners, employees and new hires have the basic knowledge to perform their respective jobs.

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IAB Digital Media Sales Certification

We created this program to help digital buyers and sellers establish an immediate, deeper level of trust when working together.

More than 8,000 digital leaders have applied for the program from over 250 companies, and it is the only globally recognized and accredited program in digital sales.

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IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification

This program ensures that Ad Operations professionals have the required skills to run campaigns efficiently.

With the proliferation of more and more platforms and channels, ad units and formats, metrics and tools, standardized skills are absolutely necessary to remain competitive.

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IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification

The only official credential in digital advertising that demonstrates individuals have the knowledge needed to manage complex data programs for their clients and across their own company.

The program ensures that candidates have the mastery needed to succeed in the intersection of digital advertising and data.

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IAB Digital Media Buying & Planning Certification

Digital media buying and planning is constantly evolving with new tools, platforms, and channels. It’s essential that you can prove to your clients and employer that you know your craft.

This program was created for digital agencies and marketers working across media buying, planning, strategy, and analytics.

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