IAB Data Solutions Certification: Overview

IAB Data Solutions Certification: Overview 2

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Data has become the currency of the digital advertising industry and it is going to become even more important for years to come as publishers and marketers respond to the needs of their customers. The danger is that we can become awash in data and not enough people know how to properly leverage it.

Position Yourself among the Best Minds in Digital Data

IAB Digital Data Solutions Certification is the only official credential in digital advertising that demonstrates individuals have the knowledge needed to manage complex data programs for their clients and across their own companies.  The program is a catalyst for building both strong teams and individual careers. This Certification ensures that candidates demonstrate the ability to succeed in the intersection of digital advertising and data.

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Who is the program for?

  • All levels of professionals with two-years of experience working with digital data
  • Data and analytics-centric roles, as well as sales, account management, marketing, research, strategy, and operations
  • All aspects of the media ecosystem including Publishers, Agencies, Brands, Trading Desks, and Exchanges
  • Digital media experts as well as data experts who are interested in entering the digital advertising industry

The exam demonstrates that individuals have the professional knowledge across the following areas of digital data: Establishing Data Policies, Managing Data Supply, Creating Data Products, and Activating Data Integrations.

In 2012, we launched the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification and based on its success we created the IAB Digital Ad Operations Certification in 2014.  As of 2015, both programs have attracted more than 6,000 individual participants from over 250 companies and have become  industry benchmarks.

What’s the difference between a Professional Certification and a Certificate?

See what they’re saying

    I found the exam and preparation stimulating and challenging. As such, I'm proud to be IAB-certified.
    —Mark Warlaumont Director of News and Digital Media Sales, Bright House Networks
    It’s a great program and would highly recommend it to my colleagues across the industry.
    —Rich Fimbres Senior Multimedia Sales Representative, Bloomberg Media
    It keeps you up to date on digital information and what is happening in the industry...
    —Cheryl Baeszler Digital Sales Manager, Cox Media
    The IAB Certification has allowed me to understand the standards set in place...
    —Jinger Guerrette Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Media
    I have marketed myself and the companies that I have worked for with my IAB Sales Certification...
    —Alison O’Brien Nexstar Broadcasting
    This is definitely a certification I am recommending to my peers...
    —Tracy Dedeaux Digital Sales Manager, WVUE Fox 8
    The industry needs this kind of certification...
    —Marcos Christensen Senior Director Latam South Cone, comScore, Inc.
    I have learned so much and I'm so thankful that my company felt this was important...
    —Mandilyn Thompson Account Executive, Time Warner Cable Media Sales
    This is a great program and helps distinguish certified professionals as the best in the business...
    —Anna Patterson Digital Media Specialist, Cox Media Group
    Becoming IAB certified was a goal of mine...
    —Farrah Shultz Digital Media Account Executive, Triad Retail Media
    I'm very happy to have gone through the program...
    —Rob Noonan Sales Director, Digital Shopper Marketing, Conversant Media

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