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    Advertiser interest and investment in Connected TV (CTV) have been growing. Eager to combine the measurability of digital video with the appeal of sight, sound and motion on the biggest living room screen, brands are paying top dollar to reach consumers via this medium. With increased advertiser demand, the need for third-party verification is becoming an imperative. From fraud to viewability and brand safety, advertisers are looking to measure effectiveness of this channel in much the same way they do digital video. But is that even possible and does it make sense?

    In this session, we’ll explore how measurement happens on CTV, the fraud we’re seeing, as well as how brand safety and viewability will be brought to this burgeoning channel. We’ll give you the lay of the land and provide the insight you need to ensure quality and performance across your CTV campaigns.

    Key Takeaways:

    • CTV consumption trends in 2020
    • The kinds of fraud we are seeing in CTV and how much is it impacting your investments
    • How you can gain transparency into the CTV environment and where ads are running
    • Where CTV should fit within your overall media mix, including linear TV

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