IAB Data Center Of Excellence

The IAB Data Center of Excellence is an independently funded and staffed unit within IAB. Founded to enhance existing IAB resources and to drive the “data agenda” for the digital media, marketing, and advertising industry, the Data Center’s mission is to define boundaries, reduce friction, and increase value along the data chain, for consumers, marketers, and the ecosystem that supports them.

The IAB Data Center of Excellence will:

  • Gather industry thought leaders to set and drive the “data agenda
  • Develop industry research to provide benchmarks and actionable insights on data management across platforms including mobile, programmatic, and the internet of things
  • Create educational materials in the form of curriculum, certification, infographics, videos, webinars, and seminars to demystify data for marketers and advertisers
  • Host data focused events that feature industry luminaries to discuss data related topics
  • Develop industry best practices, guidelines, and standards for privacy, data security, and consumer data protection
  • Establish criteria for data quality and interoperability in the industry

IAB Data Center of Excellence Board Members include:

 IAB Data Center of Excellence 6

IAB Data Center of Excellence Board of Directors: Click Here

The Data Center welcomes industry thought leaders from technology and data service providers, DSP, SSP, Exchanges, publishers, retailers, verification services, research companies, attribution companies, and other interested parties.

IAB Data Center of Excellence Overview (PDF)

Train your team: IAB Data Solutions Certification

Data Driven Advertising

Participate in our IAB Councils and industry initiatives:
IAB Data Council   IAB Programmatic Council

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