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The Economic Impact of the Market-Making Internet

Oct 20, 2021 / 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

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      You can watch the VOD of the webinar here – including some of the study highlights by Dr. John Deighton, Harvard Business School Professor, and Research Associate, Leora Kornfeld.

      This webinar covered the release of “The Economic Impact of the Market-Making Internet | Advertising, Content, Commerce, and Innovation: Contribution to U.S. Employment and GDP.”

      This research about the economic value of the internet is conducted approximately every four years and highlights the importance of the internet ecosystem, which enables job creation and market-making opportunities. This highly valued, extensive piece of economic research is particularly important to the growth of companies, including search and social platforms, content publishers, ad agencies, consumer and B2B brands, as well as the full spectrum of players supporting and supported by the internet.

      The full report includes:
      • Identification of the sectors of the ecosystem, and, within each, identify the largest of the firms and the aggregations of firms not individually identified
      • Estimated revenues for each firm or aggregation of firms, attributable to market-making and associated employment
      • A distribution of employment across congressional districts
      • Inference of the value of the internet and its contribution to the U.S. GDP

      This is a signature IAB initiative that demonstrates and celebrates the growth, viability, and future of the internet’s business value.

      The presentation will be followed by a panel about “Harnessing the Power of Digital for Growth & Innovation” with three small business founders and moderated by IAB CEO, David Cohen. Read more information about our speakers below.



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