Committee & Council Meeting - New York, NY

IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch

May 11 2016


      IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch 24On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, over 120 senior marketers, agency executives, research professionals, and reporters attended the 4th annual IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch held at the IAB Ad Lab. For this special invite-only event, IAB curated research from four industry leaders that took a deep dive into the behavior of digital video consumers and how video ads move them.

      Presenting sponsors Millward Brown, Sharethrough, Unruly, and YuMe unveiled critical new research and shared insights on topics ranging from video ad creative elements and how Millennials respond to them, to the impact of mobile video, native advertising, and optimal ad lengths on brand effectiveness.

      As the NewFronts entered its second week, the research presented at the IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch proved that advertising on video content channels works. Attendees walked away with actionable ideas on how to make advertising across digital and mobile video properties break through and reach even the most distracted and the most ad block-prone viewers.

      Congratulations to Swan Sit, Vice President, Global Digital from Elizabeth Arden, who won the raffle for a $100 AmEx Gift Card.

      Presentations include:



      YuMe: Exploring New Video Ad Lengths

      Paul Neto, Senior Director of Research, YuMe

      Shifts in the way people consume video content are changing how marketers strategize about video advertising. Increased consumption of snack-sized content, for example, has made shorter video ad formats more popular. To help address these questions, YuMe and IPG Media Lab, partnered to evaluate the effectiveness of different video ad lengths, looking at micro and longer form ad formats, devices and consumer perspective.

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      Unruly: The Lowdown: What Millennials Love, Hate and Want From Video Advertising

      Devra Prywes, VP, Marketing and Insights, Unruly

      Unruly surveyed 3,200 people from around the world to learn what they love, hate, and want from video advertising. In this presentation, they shared a first look at findings from the Unruly Future Video Survey on what advertisers need to do (and not do) to engage audiences, with a special focus on Millennials. Filled with video case studies and new data, The Lowdown is an actionable playbook for creating respectful, engaging, and collaborative advertising experiences that benefit advertisers, publishers, and consumers alike.

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      IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch 3

      Millward Brown: Ad Reaction: Video Creative in a Digital World
      Joline McGoldrick, VP, Insights and Product Marketing, Millward Brown

      AdReaction Video examines audience behaviors around video consumption. As investment in video platforms by publishers and video creative by marketers continues to grow, it is essential to consider, global trends in video consumption, role of video platform and format in influencing advertising awareness and receptivity across devices, and principles for media investment and strategy to maximize effectiveness of video creative.

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      ShareThrough: The Millennial Perspective on Native Ads and the Mobile Content Experience
      Frank Maguire, Head of Market Development, ShareThrough

      Millennials are more adverse to interruptive advertising and better at avoiding interruption than previous generations. Adjust your strategy by creating content that earns the attention of millennials through ads that fit in natively. This study will take you through millennial perceptions, attitudes, and interaction with native advertising, neuroscience research and insights about native ad effectiveness, and how brands use native video ads to capture consumer attention.

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      IAB: Excerpts from Recent IAB Video Research
      Kristina Sruoginis, Research Director, Moderator, IAB

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      IAB 2016 NewFronts Research: