Conference - New York, NY
2020 IAB Brand Disruption Summit
Nov 9-10 2020 ‧ More Information Coming Soon

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      The IAB Brand Disruption Summit (formerly known as IAB Direct Brand Summit) is the digital industry’s largest gathering of direct brands, incumbent brands, agencies, publishers, venture capitalists, and technology partners, with over 800+ attendees each year.

      As featured in’s “Top 5 E-Commerce Conferences for 2019 and 2020”

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      About the Venue

      2020 IAB Direct Brand Summit 4

      225 Liberty Street
      New York, NY 10080

      Why Do Brand Leaders Attend the IAB Brand Disruption Summit?
      (Formerly Known as Direct Brand Summit)

      Hear from the brand founders disrupting the industry in IAB's Founder Stories


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