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Vikas Gupta, Factual

Vikas Gupta, Factual
Vikas Gupta, Factual
Vikas Gupta, Factual


Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Member Spotlight


Vikas Gupta joined Factual in 2011 and runs Factual’s marketing department. He is an active participant in trade organizations, including co-chairing the IAB Mobile Center’s Location Data Working Group and the MMA’s Location Committee.

Prior to Factual, Vikas was at LoopNet Inc. for 3 years where he did marketing strategy and analytics for both LoopNet’s core commercial real estate business and their business for sale subsidiary BizBuySell. Prior to LoopNet he was a business analyst at McKinsey & Company where he served clients in financial services, airlines, and chemicals in a variety of capacities including strategy, operations, and post-merger management.

Vikas earned his BA (Business-Economics) and MBA from UCLA, and he occasionally returns to campus as a guest lecturer for the undergraduate economics program. He is a member of Factual’s unofficial board gaming club, an avid traveller, and a voracious reader.

Factual is a member of the Board of the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence.

At the 2016 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, CA, we asked Vikas three questions about the state of mobile:

1. Why are you working in mobile media? What excites you about this part of the digital world?

2. What’s the biggest opportunity for brands that embrace mobile as part of their marketing/advertising strategy?


3. What should be the IAB’s top priority to maintain or accelerate the growth of mobile marketing in 2016?


About IAB’s Mobile Center Member Spotlight
The Mobile Center would not be able to accomplish anything without the brilliant individuals at member companies who generously share their time, expertise, and insights with us every day. We launched this spotlight to help share these insights with a broader audience, and to thank these individuals for being leaders in IAB’s mobile community.
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