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What Fake News Means for Advertisers

What Fake News Means for Advertisers

“Fake news” may end up being the buzzwords that defined 2016, but we’re not done hearing about them just yet. Digital publishers and advertisers are grappling with their civic responsibility in the wake of the controversy.

Former CBS News President Andrew Heyward will lead a town hall session at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Hollywood, FL later this month, where industry leaders will explore the progressively intricate relationships and partnerships between and among platforms and publishers. Heyward, a visiting scholar at MIT’s Laboratory for Social Machines, used machine learning and big data analysis to map out the social media conversations around the presidential election in a project called The Electome.

He told SmartBrief what he learned from that experience, as well as what he hopes to explore with advertisers at the IAB meeting later this month.

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