The Mobile Identity Guide for Marketers

The Mobile Identity Guide for Marketers

Imagine for a moment that you’re a brand marketer–or an agency working with said marketer–who happens to have a pretty rich data set.  You have audience data from your owned and operated sites and apps, and a subscriber base with master IDs tied to credit card transactions, all kept neatly in a proprietary CRM database. Now what if you wanted to tie everything together and bring in other audience data to amplify the reach of your acquisition campaigns?

Ironically, that goal of marketing and targeting digital audiences wherever they are, would have been a lot simpler ten years ago. Back then, during the heyday of desktop advertising, cookies ruled as the common connective tissue for most media campaigns. Fast forward to today when the average user spending the majority of his/her time tethered to a portfolio of up to four different devices. Cookies on mobile are not supported across the board (and are much less persistent), so things are a lot more complicated in today’s landscape.

Perhaps for all these reasons, cross-channel audience identification and cross-channel measurement were cited as two of the three most important focus areas by digital marketers and media practitioners in a recent IAB / Winterberry study in New York.

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The reality today is there is not a one-size-fits all solution for the cross-screen marketing scenario described above (though it’s a problem many players in the ecosystem are working to solve).  The opportunity to connect the dots between data sets and match customers to a device graph that will enable marketers to activate data and find their customers across screens and platforms, is the holy grail of full addressability.

With our “eyes on the prize”–a converged future when it will be possible to create, plan, and execute campaigns reaching wherever consumers are with greater relevance, IAB’s Mobile and Video Centers collaborated with the Mobile Identity Working Group on a white paper and companion one-sheet called “The Mobile Identity Guide for Marketers.” The guide highlights the importance of identity management, the challenges and opportunities for leveraging identifiers such as Ad IDs, cookies, IP addresses and location-based data, as a foundation for user-level mobile and cross-screen marketing activities, from targeting, measurement and attribution to ensuring a quality user experience. It also presents various use cases for identification data within two primary categories—targeting and measurement—and explores related applications that range from frequency management and audience amplification to attribution and predictive modeling.

The Mobile Identity Guide is the latest in a series of ongoing projects addressing identity management and released at the 2017 Mobile Symposium in New York.
Future initiatives will explore the larger implications that our fragmented media environment has on issues such as cross-device identity resolution. For more information on how to get involved, contact: [email protected].


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Eric John
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