Disrupting Brand Preference Study

Disrupting Brand Preference Study 2


The Impact of Direct Brands Across the Path to Purchase

New IAB research reveals Disruptor Brands impact on consumers brand choices. The consumer motivation and brand journey—from discovery through purchase—as well as the attitudes about brand loyalty have been forever changed. This study also sizes and clarifies the audience (e.g., Disruptor consumers now comprise 48 percent of all U.S consumers ages 13+), is younger, has a higher household income and are choosing brands that help them self-express. One in every three Disruptor consumers has been identified by IAB as a “Super Influencer”, defined in this study as those who deliberately take the time to re-post brand-centric content and/or leverage their chosen brands by creating UGC to amplify their status as Influencer.

Other key takeaways from the study include:

  • DTC buyers find brand value in their ability to contribute ideas and feedback to brands and gain heightened visibility through their sizable communities
  • The “Facebook family” remains #1 for sharing brand attitudes—particularly by older, incumbent brand-only shoppers
  • Disruptor brands build consumer loyalty—as well as lifetime value (LTV)—through cross-channel interaction
  • Search, shopping, and social media sites together are nearly equal to traditional TV for brand discovery
  • Influencers are the “advertising” of the modern consumer economy, and wield their greatest power during initial purchase consideration and further down the purchase funnel
  • Disruptor consumers expect 24/7 omnichannel access

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