Conference - New York, NY

2024 IAB NewFronts

Apr 29 - May 2, 2024 / 8:00 am – 8:30 pm EST - This event is invite-only for qualified brand marketers and agency professionals

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      Thank you for making the 2024 IAB NewFronts an incredible success!

      The 2024 IAB NewFronts showcased the latest digital video content and innovations, bringing together brand marketers and media buyers to explore the future of digital media. From April 29th to May 2nd, the event featured numerous live presentations in various venues throughout New York City.

      We extend our appreciation to all our sponsors and attendees whose support and participation contributed to the success of the 2024 IAB NewFronts. A special thank you goes to our principal sponsor, Google, for their invaluable partnership and support.

      As we wrap up another fantastic event, we look forward to seeing you at next year’s IAB NewFronts!

      Missed a session? Video on Demand of approved sessions will be available to all attendees on Wednesday, May 8, allowing you to catch up on any content you may have missed or wish to experience again!

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      Event photos are available!

      2024 IAB NewFronts 16

      Join us for informative presentations by industry leaders from Google and Vizio, as they delve into immersive opportunities for brand and advertising partnerships aimed at captivating audiences and driving impactful strategies. In partnership with the New York Times, IAB is proud to host a special spotlight on supporting quality news journalism that drives results for brands and advertisers.

      Featured Speakers

      • Adam Bergman
        Adam Bergman
        Group Vice President of Advertising & Data Sales, VIZIO
      • Sean Downey
        Sean Downey
        President, Americas & Global Partners, Google
      • Katherine Maher
        Katherine Maher
        President & CEO, NPR
      • Andrew Rea
        Andrew Rea
        YouTube Creator, Babish Culinary Universe
      2024 IAB NewFronts 4

      Samsung, Conde Nast, T-Mobile, Roku, and Yahoo take the stage to present their latest products and experiences that connect with consumers, tell engaging stories, and drive measured results for advertising partners.

      Featured Speakers

      • Lloyd D’Souza
        Lloyd D’Souza
        SVP, Global Central Video , Condé Nast
      • Mark Guiducci
        Mark Guiducci
        Creative Editorial Director, Vogue
      • Katie Drummond
        Katie Drummond
        Global Editorial Director, WIRED
      • Bree McKenney
        Bree McKenney
        SVP, Global Condé Nast Commercial Creative, Condé Nast
      2024 IAB NewFronts 5

      Hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro, IAB main stage will feature 22 presenting partners showcasing their latest and greatest innovative solutions for brands and advertisers. Our CEO, David Cohen, will set the stage with his keynote on the current landscape and opportunities for the industry.

      Featured Speakers

      • Murray Hill
        Murray Hill
        Host of King of Drag
      • Kevin Blue
        Kevin Blue
        CEO & Co-founder, Country Rebel
      • Katty Kay
        Katty Kay
        Special Correspondent, BBC Studios
      • Patty Morris
        Patty Morris
        Marketing Executive, State Farm Insurance
      2024 IAB NewFronts 6

      Sports Innovation Lab, Alpha Precision Media, Meta, Vevo, and TikTok take the stage to present their latest innovative opportunities for brands and advertisers. The day opens with the first-ever NewFront dedicated entirely to women’s sports media.

      Featured Speakers

      • Kane Brown
        Kane Brown
        Country Music Superstar
      • Rob Christensen
        Rob Christensen
        Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Vevo
      • Melissa Sofo
        Melissa Sofo
        Vice President, US Sales, Vevo
      2024 IAB NewFronts 7
      Video on Demand Available to Attendees