Conference - Virtual
IAB Audience Connect: Balancing Privacy, Personalization & Safety
Sep 15 2021 / 12:00 pm - 4:30 pm EST


      Change is coming. Fast. The elimination of the third-party cookie and the intentional shift away from identifiers is drastically changing the digital advertising landscape and will impact the entire ecosystem. With this massive change on the horizon, it’s more important than ever for the advertising community to be educated, informed and speaking the same language.

      Audience Connect: Balancing Privacy, Personalization & Safety will bring together the most influential voices in data, addressability, and privacy to discuss the latest consumer-first, privacy by design identity solutions for advertisers and publishers in preparation of a post-cookie world.

      Attendees Will Learn: 

      • Targeting strategies to effectively reach and grow new audiences
      • Ways to utilize first-party channels to capture missing data
      • How to optimize existing data to your advantage
      • Which platforms make sense within your marketing funnel
      • Strategies to build 1-1 relationships with consumers
      • Measurement and attribution solutions

      Who Should Attend?

      This event is open to entire digital ecosystem, inclusive of buy-side brands & agencies looking to understand identity and build audiences, premium content partners & publishers aiming to solidify their relationships with users, and the ad tech companies that underpin the industry.​

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