OneTrust Becomes First Privacy Vendor to Integrate with IAB Diligence Platform Powered by SafeGuard Privacy

Working Harder Won’t Solve Privacy Diligence. It’s Time to Work Smarter. 13

This morning, OneTrust announced it was the first company to integrate with the IAB Diligence Platform, powered by SafeGuard Privacy. The integration allows OneTrust’s users to seamlessly integrate their vendor diligence information from the IAB Diligence Platform into the OneTrust platform, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and accountability across the digital advertising industry and ensuring adherence to state privacy law requirements.

When we first announced the launch of the IAB Diligence Platform, we emphasized the importance of working smarter to solve the complex process of managing privacy diligence with the numerous vendors in the digital advertising industry. The Platform is compatible with any privacy program management solution and assesses privacy compliance in the context of actual data flows and uses in the digital advertising industry. Moreover, it’s fully auditable, making it an invaluable tool for effective and efficient privacy compliance management for your business.

The IAB Diligence Platform includes questions that are specifically drafted for a publisher’s state privacy law diligence of a Supply-Side Platform (SSP); an advertiser’s diligence of a demand-side platform (DSP); an SSP’s diligence of a DSP; and everyone’s diligence of data brokers.  The Platform also includes SafeGuard Privacy’s US State Law assessments that can be leveraged for self-assessment, and for additional vendor assessment.

The IAB Diligence Platform is a critical step in standardizing privacy due diligence for the digital advertising industry.  We encourage all IAB members, and the industry more broadly, to use it to satisfy their privacy diligence obligations.

To learn more about the IAB Diligence Platform, please visit https://safeguardprivacy.com/iab-diligence-platform/.