Conference - San Francisco, California

Data Responsibility Innovation Day: The New Normal of Transparency & Control in a Consumer-Centric World

Sep 19 2019


      The Data Responsibility Innovation Day is the inaugural full-day conference focused on the technical and economic future of the data supply-chain. You’ll be joined by other product, engineering and technology leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges of data collection, activation, and omni-channel measurement within a rapidly shifting technical and policy environment. Attendees will walk away with practical knowledge on topics including data portability, quality & transparency, consumer privacy, AI, blockchain, and more.

      Data Responsibility Session Topics to be covered:

      • Consumer Privacy: The New Normal
        • Identity & Privacy – Understanding the tools necessary to act on consumer privacy preferences
      • Identity
        • Standardized browser-based Identifiers
        • Cookie Deprecation & The Changing Browser Landscape
        • Cross Device Identity: Techniques for Targeting and Measurement Outside of Walled Gardens
      • Emerging State and Federal Policy
        • GDPR, CCPA, and the Transparency & Consent Framework
      • Open Measurement SDK: Real World Applications and Benefits of Adoption
      • Audience Data
        • Quality: Emerging Techniques to Validate Audience Data Accuracy (ARF, Subrata)
        • Transparency: Unpacking Industry Standardization Efforts to Improve Responsible Data Use
        • Deterministic vs Probabilistic data sets – the quality myth
      • Blockchain: Emerging Applications
      • Data Portability
      • Taxonomies: Creative Applications to Drive Business Results


      Inquire more about this event by e-mailing [email protected]. Sponsorship opportunities are available.


      Agenda TBA

      About the Venue

      The Village
      969 Market Street
      San Francisco, CA 94102