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The AMERICA Act Statement

The AMERICA Act Statement 1

The AMERICA Act has the potential to destroy one of the most powerful growth engines of the economy – digital advertising and media. It will also hurt the millions of small businesses that rely on digital advertising to thrive, by creating a more inefficient, costly and fragmented advertising ecosystem.

The ramifications of the bill do not stop there. The utility that the internet provides and that consumers rely upon would disappear. Things like email, search and navigation are all threatened by the bill.

The bill sponsors are making a grave mistake, ignoring the ripple effect that will take place if this bill were to pass. We would see decreased investment in entertainment like streaming video, increases in the cost of goods for consumers and more complexity in reaching consumers for the millions of businesses that utilize digital media to sell goods and services.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is clearly not interested in having a healthy debate about the bill’s impact, as it didn’t invite the leading trade groups that represent digital advertising and media to testify.