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Take Advantage of the (R)evolution in Advanced Television Advertising

3 Reasons Advertisers Need Advanced TV Now

TV and video media consumption no longer looks quite the same way it did when we tuned in to catch Friends, ER, or Seinfeld (that is…Seinfeld on Thursday nights on NBC, 20 years before Hulu could stream all 9 seasons on demand!). You know this with one glance around your own living room or at the other commuters waiting on the train platform.

Television content consumption that is unmoored from the living room and liberated from a specific broadcasting schedule is quickly becoming the new normal. Advanced TV advertising channels and solutions are playing an increasingly valuable and important role in this new world of VOD, OTT, time-shifting DVRs, connected TV, interactive television (iTV), IPTV, and myriad enhanced cross-device viewing experiences.

As the IAB’s 2015 Advanced TV Industry Primer outlines, now is also a time of unprecedented opportunity and new sources of value for advertisers, for media companies, and even for consumers of digital video and “Advanced TV” content. The technology that underlies Advanced TV content and advertising distribution also affords unheard-of levels of control for advertisers looking to locate and re-aggregate specific audiences, for media publishers looking to derive the highest premiums for their inventory, and for consumers who just want to watch what they like when and where they like… and maybe have a little fun with interactivity or even make a purchase.

Released during today’s IAB Video Marketplace event in NYC, the Advanced TV Industry Primer aims to provide a grounding for both buyers and sellers in what Advanced TV is, why the evolution from linear to Advanced TV is good for everyone, who the players are in the space, and specific opportunities and challenges.

As a teaser, here are some tips to keep in mind when venturing into the world of Advanced TV advertising:

  1. For now, think of Advanced TV as supplemental to the standard broadcast plan. The current scale and capabilities of Advanced TV advertising opportunities are a great supplement to, but not yet a replacement for, your traditional TV buy.
  2. Take advantage of precision targeting, but don’t get too excited about this capability and take it too far. While there is great audience targeting and re-aggregation possible, scale audiences at this time can’t get too specific – e.g. club-footed home-office radiologists in Michigan – or you will lose the ability actually to impact your brand.
  3. The currency of the space is largely impressions-based, for now. But watch this space, so to speak, for evolution in that area. And channel any feedback you have to the IAB regarding currency and measurement needs, as many of these standards and best practices are being worked out at this time.
  4. Multiple modes of distribution mean multiple channel contacts are necessary for planning and buying. It’s still worth it, but be prepared to manage this process.
  5. Agencies should be prepared to allocate additional resources to address the technical needs of Advanced TV and have specific workflow in place.

Download the IAB Advanced TV Industry Primer here.

The IAB would like to thank the member companies of the Advanced TV Advisory Board for contributing their perspectives to the primer.

Learn about other Digital Video Advertising subjects at the IAB Digital Video Center.


Elaine Boxer