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Seven Recommendations to Reduce the Impact of Ad Blocking

Seven Recommendations to Reduce the Impact of Ad Blocking

Insights from the IAB Ad Blocking and User Experience Summit

Ad blocking is a globally pervasive phenomenon presenting publishers, brands, agencies, and ad technology providers with substantial challenges.

On June 6, 2016, IAB convened the IAB Ad Blocking and User Experience Summit to offer these constituencies the opportunity to provide each other with “news you can use.” Presenters offered research on ad blocking trends, insights into the issues underlying the phenomenon, and details about publisher-developed solutions and their effectiveness at converting ad blocking users into ad consumers.

The summit was a deeply engaging and dense day of discussions that provided attendees with a broad perspective of the ad blocking problem and solutions. While it became clear that there isn’t yet one simple cure-all—publishers are still in a stage of testing, researching, and advancing solutions—seven recommendations came to the fore that will help publishers begin to overcome the challenges they are facing.

This report captures the recommendations so that the entire digital media community can benefit and thrive.

Seven Recommendations:
1. Pay attention to overall user experience. Put consumers first.
2. Avoid advertising proven to erode consumer experiences.
3. Prioritize speed to attract more users.
4. Commit to LEAN Principles and a continuing cycle of improvements in user experience.
5. Offer ad blocking users LEANer advertising experiences in exchange for turning off ad blockers.
6. Consider ad reinsertion tactics carefully.
7. Talk with clients and partners about the need to protect positive advertising experiences—now.

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