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MRC Issues Location Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines

IAB Mobile Location Data Guide for Publishers

The Media Rating Council (MRC) issued the final version of its Location Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines, which were developed in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and IAB. These measurement guidelines, which previously were issued in draft form for a 30-day public comment period in November 2016, are now considered final, and are formally in place to serve as industry guidance for the measurement of digital location-based advertising.

The Location Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines were developed with the assistance of a broad working group of industry practitioners, and provide key definitions for location-based measurement terms, as well as recommended research practices and disclosures concerning the assignment of device or user location for use in digital advertising measurements. As such, the Guidelines also will serve as a benchmark by which those organizations who engage in such measurement practices can seek to have their services voluntarily validated through an independent third party auditing process.

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