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Messaging Apps – There’s More Than Meets the Eye

Messaging Apps – There’s More Than Meets the Eye

New IAB document seeks to help publishers and marketers better understand current messaging options in the U.S. and how messaging can be used to market to consumers.

From pure-play messaging apps to hybrid apps with messaging functionality, “messaging” has become a hot topic in the advertising marketplace in the United States. Compared with markets such as China, the messaging space is still in its infancy in the U.S. yet it is evolving rapidly with new players and new ways to reach consumers with these apps. While U.S. growth looks promising, for this largely mobile marketing medium to flourish further, the industry needs consensus on definitions and structure. That’s why IAB formed a Messaging Working Group sourced from members of the IAB Mobile, Native/Content, and Social Media Committees. This group of approximately 40 members, led by co-chairs Michelina Mantas from LinkedIn, David Kalmar from Emogi, and Yinon Horwitz from StartApp, sought to answer:

  1. What does the current world of messaging in the U.S. look like?  How should IAB define messaging and what is the current scope of functions beyond chat?
  2. What are the key defining characteristics of the various messaging options? Where is the potential to differentiate? What do publishers and marketers need to know?
  3. Where do chatbots fit in the messaging equation?

In addition to the working group, senior level sell side executives from some leading messaging companies were interviewed to help IAB better understand:

  • What are the top questions that publishers and marketers consistently ask as they consider their marketing options with messaging?
  • What would be the most helpful thing IAB could do to help publishers and marketers understand potential marketing opportunities with messaging as they exist today in the U.S.?

This IAB paper is just the beginning of an educational process focusing on the evolving U.S. messaging space.  This will be followed by deeper dives into the areas of greatest importance to publishers and marketers.  As part of this education process, IAB has also planned a Messaging Case Study Event on December 15 in New York City where Facebook Messenger, Swyft Media, The Washington Post, Match Media/Tinder, and more will present research and compelling case studies that will provide some actionable insights on what works and why.

Read the Messaging paper


Susan Borst
Vice President, Mobile Center of Excellence
at IAB

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