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On the heels of E3, IAB Announces its First Game Advertising Showcase Event

IAB Games Committee Takes the Show on the Road in 2015 5

On the heels of E3, IAB Announces its First Game Advertising Showcase Event

IAB invites brands and their agencies to get in the game…game advertising that is.

Countless studies prove the appeal of games as highly engaging and entertaining content that appeals to a wide range of target audiences across multiple platforms. This makes gaming an ideal medium for brand marketers. While many brands including the likes of Dunkin Donuts, Mercedes-Benz, Pillsbury, Huggies, Valvoline, WWE and even the Obama campaign have embraced game advertising, many brands and agencies have been slow to adopt games as part of their media plans…for all the wrong reasons.

That’s why the IAB Game Committee, the only industry organization dedicated to the advancement of all types of game advertising, is hosting its first ever “How to Get in the Game” Game Advertising Showcase & Mixer event on July 21 where we will demonstrate the promise and power of game advertising. At the same time, we seek to dispel many buy-side myths about the appeal of games by gender and age and to address potential confusion surrounding the creative execution of various game advertising types.

In this informative and fun session, attendees will:

  • Learn about the range of game types and game advertising formats that appeal to a wide variety of different demographic/psychographic targets audiences.
  • See examples of many brands advertising on games and hear case studies presented by MediaBrix, TreSensa, Twitch and more that show how brands got into the game answering questions such as: Where did the idea come from? Who spoke to whom to make this advertising happen? What creative assets were needed? How long did it take from idea to execution? And each case study will end with specific details on performance – no flaky “exceeded our expectations” talk without data to back it up.
  • Learn current stats on gamers and game play based on Nielsen’s annual consumer game study that will likely dispel myths about today’s game players and also learn consumer reactions to in-game advertising via a study conducted by Unity.
  • Hopefully leave inspired to find ways to get their brands “in the game.”

On the heels of E3, IAB Announces its First Game Advertising Showcase Event 1

This event, to be held at Tumblr’s swanky NYC office with rooftop mixer to follow, is invitation only. Space is limited and priority will go to agency and brand execs. To learn more and to request an invitation please click HERE.

The IAB Game Committee led by Susan Borst at IAB consists of over 130 active members and is co-chaired by Kym Nelson/Twitch and Julie Shumaker/Unity Technologies. The committee works to dispel prevailing myths about the nature of gamers and gaming with the goal of attracting more brand marketers to this medium which has proven value and scale for all demographics and across all channels. The committee is in the process of updating the IAB Game Advertising Ecosystem Guide (12/14) which provides a helpful overview for understanding today’s game play, the core game types and advertising categories for marketers to reach consumers.

To learn more about the IAB Game Advertising Committee, please email [email protected].


Susan Borst
Head of Social and Content Marketing Solutions
at IAB

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