Primer for Publishers on Improving Ad Viewability

Primer for Publishers on Improving Ad Viewability

Transformation in measurement and currency brings with it imperatives for change in processes and responsibilities associated with a number of core publisher roles. Publishers need to address viewability at scale in order to optimize inventory monetization and minimize waste. In addition, and of paramount importance, publishers must reach these goals with the consumer at the heart of the efforts. Poor user experience even with enhanced viewability will likely not yield desired outcomes.

For more than a year, IAB member companies have been sharing knowledge and experiences with viewability implementation. As is the case with any business and currency transformation, requisite knowledge takes time to accrue. The guidance on viewability implementation and improvement herein was gathered from publishers, large and small; some with large numbers of technology resources and expertise, and others with less technology focused organizations.

The purpose of this document is to aid publishers in their endeavors to increase the viewability of the Display and Video (excludes Mobile, Native/In-stream) ads on their site, thus improving the value of those ads for advertisers, marketers, and the user experience. It is intended to be ad-server and content management system agnostic. It is also intended to include ad tech improvements, site changes, and business model changes that can be undertaken.

Of absolutely critical importance is the notion that viewability improvement be accomplished in alignment with the IAB LEAN ads program: publishers need to be mindful of the numbers of ads per page, and the type of ads, as well as the viewability of those ads. To this end, they need to partner closely with advertisers/agencies, and 3rd party vendors, in addition to improving viewability of their inventory.

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