State of Data 2023: Data Clean Rooms & the Democratization of Data in the Privacy-Centric Ecosystem

State of Data 2023

As the digital ad industry continues to suffer from signal loss and the evolution of state-level privacy legislation, the demand for privacy-preserving technology that enables critical, data-driven advertising has never been greater.
As part of our sixth annual State of Data initiative, IAB has commissioned Ipsos to examine how data clean rooms (DCRs) and other privacy-preserving technology, including customer data platforms (CDPs), consent management platforms (CMPs), data management platforms (DMPs), and identity solutions are being managed and activated.

A survey of 200 data decision-makers at brands, agencies and publishers, and 20 in-depth interviews reveals that although some companies leverage the capabilities that DCRs offer beyond privacy, most are not using the advanced measurement capabilities. In fact, most data leaders . . .

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