Improving Digital Advertising Experiences with Liquid Creativity

Improving Digital Advertising Experiences with Liquid Creativity 2

It’s time for an industry-wide collaboration to improve digital advertising experiences
Improving Digital Advertising Experiences with Liquid Creativity 4

Forewords Written by Anna Bager, IAB; Ryan McConville, Kargo; and Melissa Goidel, Refinery29

We in digital advertising live in an increasingly mobile and multiscreen world where content and advertising messages can be consumed any where; the sight, sound, and motion of digital video offer unparalleled opportunities to tell a brand story. Data—and the technology and expertise to transform that data into actionable insights—offer the modern marketer tools of unprecedented scope and power.

Despite these promising trends, our industry’s net efforts have resulted in many user experiences that are unsatisfactory, or worse.

The challenge lies in how to unlock creativity to engage and delight consumers by delivering the most relevant message at the right time and place. This white paper serves as a platform to share insights from interviews with senior leaders in the industry on the best practical ways to improve user experience. These experts represent creatives, publishers, brands, and technologists from the U.S., Asia, and South America. They offer actionable takeaways to improve user experience and thought-provoking perspectives to further spark creative thinking and serious commitment to serving the liquid consumer of the future.

Industry Luminaries Share Their Insights

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