IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 2.0

The demand for digital audio is growing, driven by connected lives that rely more and more on mobile devices. According to the most recently reported study of consumer adoption of digital media, The Infinite Dial 2016 by Edison Research and Triton Digital, 57 percent of Americans (12+) listen to online radio, while 21 percent listen to podcasts. This mainstreaming of digital audio follows a broader pattern of smartphone use and connected mobile lifestyles where audio plays an increasingly central role.

With smartphone ownership now exceeding three-quarters of the population, constant connectivity has become the way most Americans live their lives. The expectation of constant connectivity has driven innovation in terms of connected cars as well as devices in the home and everywhere—the internet of things. As consumer demand for these products expands, screens and browsers on these devices are shrinking or even disappearing, while new, voice-activated products like Amazon Echo are becoming increasingly popular. The connected car and the internet of things are “audio first” environments where what you hear is more important than what you see, creating a landscape where advertisers, brands, and agencies with developed expertise in audio messaging are poised to excel.

This guide is designed to provide those key players with the information and resources necessary to take advantage of digital audio advertising opportunities. IAB and the members of its Digital Audio Committee have pursued a goal of educating marketers, agencies, creatives, planners, and buyers about audio advertising opportunities, and discussing best practices and guidelines for building highly successful audio campaigns.

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Below, please find several visual examples of integrated digital audio ads that are also supported visually.

IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 3
Mobile Companion Banner example
IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide 1
Desktop Display Banner example

Native Audio for Desktop: branded station example


Native Audio for Mobile: branded moment example


Interactive mobile: listen now, ‘go to’ example