IAB Outlook: 2022 Digital Ad Ecosystem Report

IAB Outlook: 2022 Digital Ad Ecosystem Report & Webinar 1

Insights to guide business planning

The US digital advertising industry defied expectations with yet another year of double digit growth, and in 2021, is expected to remain a bright spot in an otherwise tough year.

Seismic changes are looming, however. Industry leaders urge us all to focus on changing consumer expectations, regulatory reforms and a clear and present talent crisis—or risk not only growth, but relevancy.

IAB and PwC have conducted interviews with approximately 20 thought leaders within the digital advertising ecosystem who have provided consensus around three key areas to keep top of mind when strategizing for 2022 success:

1. Waning consumer tolerance for (and expectations of) digital advertising is impacting the composition and size of audiences of ad-supported media and entertainment brands. A consumer-centric evolution is upon us and should include the development of new ad formats/resources/partnerships.

2. Federal government attention, as well as keen focus from this industry, is required to reimagine and prepare for regulatory changes in privacy policies and additional actions by walled gardens.

3. The steep competition and current sense of urgency to attract and grow talent must also be balanced by the need to foster new or elevated corporate DEI policies.
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