Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines

The Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines have been developed by the membership of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the IAB (U.S.), and Media Rating Council (MRC) in close collaboration with the GSMA and other stakeholders. Contributors to these guidelines are representative of the key parties in the mobile marketing ecosystem, and include handset manufacturers, wireless operators, ad servers, content providers, agencies, brands and technology enablers.

While these guidelines follow the general parameters and principles of the Advertising Measurement Impression Guidelines previously issued by IAB (U.S.) for online advertising measurement, and are similar to them in many respects, this document has been authored with a specific focus on the unique attributes of Mobile Web advertising. Thus, while many portions of this document will be similar to the existing IAB Guidelines for online measurement, specific guidance in certain other areas will differ (yet will follow the same general principles) because of this consideration of the applicability to the mobile web environment.

Applicability of these guidelines, as opposed to the original IAB Advertising Measurement Guidelines, generally should be based on the type of ad served. For instance, ads served from a mobile version of a web site, or versions of ads specifically designed to be served to a mobile device or in a mobile web environment, should apply these Mobile Web Measurement Guidelines for counting purposes.

This set of guidelines is intended to cover measurement of WAP/Mobile Web advertising activity. Measurement of other forms of mobile advertising activity, including messaging applications (SMS and MMS), mobile applications, and various forms of mobile audio and video (including streamed, downloaded, broadcast and progressive audio and/or video), is not within the scope of these guidelines.

This document is principally applicable to mobile marketers, wireless operators, mobile publishers and ad serving organizations, and is intended as a guide to accepted practice. Additionally, planners and buyers of mobile media advertising can use this document to assist in determining the quality of measurements.

Version 2.0 of the “Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines” includes a change that requires client-side counting for mobile web ad impressions, which will increase consistency with computer-based ad measurement, make impression counts far more robust and reliable, and may help to reduce mobile discrepancies.

With regard to display filtering, the document also mentions the importance of “viewable impressions,” as established by the Making Measurement Make Sense initiative . While the revised “Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines” do not require measuring viewable impressions in the mobile web as yet, as digital advertising moves to make viewable impressions a key part of the currency, it affirms that mobile media needs to prepare to follow suit as soon as it is technically feasible.

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