Training - Online

Introduction to Retail Media 6/8

, 2023-2030 / 3:00 pm – 3:00 pm EST

$299 - Member
$399 - Non-Member


      The exponential rise in media investment across retail media networks means that advertisers can’t afford to ignore this “channel” when developing their media strategy & planning.

      This virtual training will cover critical concepts in Retail Media – a sample of covered material includes:

      • Overview of Retail Media
        • The Evolution and Growth of Retail Media, Ad Spend, and expansion into Video and CTV
        • Types of Retail Media Assets and Partner Properties
        • Data driven benefits of retail media; challenges in retail media platform competition, fragmentation, measurement standards and transparency
      • Introduction to Retail Media Strategy and Planning
        • Briefing processes, aligning business goals, retail audience strategy
        • Stakeholder mapping, JBPs and Strategic Partnerships
        • Segmentation, Scalability, and Efficiency
        • Audience Strategy, 1st Party Data, In-Store Audiences
      • Retail Media Buying & Creative Strategy
        • Onsite, Offsite, and In-Store Buying
        • Creative Development & Optimizing for Retail Environments and Audiences
      • Measurement, Attribution, and Reporting
        • Standard, Derived, and Not-Yet-Standard Metrics
        • Closed Loop Measurement and Attribution
        • Navigating In-Store Measurement
        • Guidelines and Use Cases for Effective Reporting

      This training session will include a panel discussion of leading players in the Retail Media space.

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