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IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day: Transparency and Securing the Supply Chain

May 6 2019

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      IAB Tech Lab’s education and adoption effort for all the latest programmatic supply chain releases is full steam ahead! IAB Tech Lab is hosting a full day event for engineers and technology leaders, “Innovation Day: Transparency and Securing the Supply Chain” in New York City on May 6th 2019.

      Huge strides in securing the supply chain were made in 2018, but the fight continues as the latest ad technology standards get implemented. IAB Tech Lab’s Innovation Day: Transparency and Securing the Supply Chain will showcase these industry standards for supply chain transparency. As part of the path to an improved supply chain, we will dive into updates including expanded support for new media channels and new programmatic RTB and automated guaranteed features. Attendees will walk away with practical knowledge about remaining supply chain vulnerabilities and input for programmatic product roadmaps in 2019.

      This full day event will be packed with fresh takes on fighting remaining fraud vectors and adopting technical standards for better programmatic practices. You’ll learn about updated technologies like OpenRTB 3.0, OpenDirect 2.0, AdCOM 1.0, app-ads.txt and more.

      Agenda highlights include the following:

      • Learn about remaining technology challenges in the programmatic supply chain
      • Deep dive into actionable supply path transparency standards and specifications
      • Take advantage of available technology with buyer and seller operational insights
      • Prioritize engineering roadmap items to fight remaining supply chain vulnerabilities


      IAB Tech Lab Innovation Day: Transparency and Securing the Supply Chain 2
      Questions regarding this event and sponsorship can be sent to [email protected]