IAB Programmatic Marketplace: Highlights

New York, NY · 03.07.16

1_Joe LaszloThe 2016 IAB Programmatic Marketplace, Beyond Display and Video: Cross-Channel Automation at Scale, kicked off with Joe Laszlo, Vice President, Industry Initiatives, IAB, welcoming a full room of attendees from the digital media ecosystem at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, New York City.  Laszlo set the tone for the day, saying that programmatic is revolutionizing the media industry and announcing a packed agenda focused on five major topics: Header Bidding: Fad or Future; Emerging Channels; Cross-Device Measurement & Attribution; Bridging Creative & Media; and The Human Impact.

With changing roles and new skill sets, the industry is evolving towards tech savvy, data-centric buyers and sellers, professionals who are used to looking at tons of data. Laszlo identified Melissa Gallo, Director of Product, Programmatic Automation & Data, IAB Tech Lab, and Benjamin Dick, Director of Industry Initiatives, IAB, as the programmatic experts on the IAB team, and cited the recent IAB programmatic initiatives, including the Private Marketplace Checklist and the IAB Mobile Programmatic Playbook.

2_Alanna_GombertLaszlo introduced Alanna Gombert, Deputy General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, and Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, who presented the actions taken by the IAB Tech Lab against ad blocking. “Ads have to get leaner, go on a diet,” said Gombert, encouraging the industry to adhere to the LEAN Ad Principles. The IAB Tech Lab has made available to IAB Members and IAB Tech Lab Members a global standardized ad block detection code that publishers can deploy to detect if a user has enabled an ad blocker. Gombert also introduced DEAL—which stands for Detect, Explain, Ask, and Lift or Limit. DEAL is about detecting ad blocking, in order to initiate a conversation with the user; explaining the value exchange that advertising enables; asking for changed behavior in order to maintain an equitable exchange; and lifting restrictions or limiting access in response to consumer choice. This new DEAL, in conjunction with the LEAN principles, will help further develop a better partnership with the consumer.

4_Ruud_Wanck_Joe_LaszloRuud Wanck, Chief Executive Officer Connect, GroupM Global, presented the buyer’s point of view on programmatic and talked about the trends in programmatic digital media across channels. He recommended to stop talking about programmatic as the opposite of manual or premium. Programmatic is about real time media investment management and automation. Programmatic connects brands to consumers in real time, all the time, and in a data environment. Wanck said that the whole ecosystem needs to become a trusted marketplace. Agencies need to transition from being an analog supply and demand connector into the real time era. Art and science are not opposite either; they are much closer than we think. Data processes allow to reach audiences at scale and at large. Next step is to link the creative to that level of data–relevant messaging going down the funnel with the right frequency cap.

Programmatic has already conquered desktop, and now other media channels are “going programmatic.” From programmatic TV, Out-of-Home, and beyond, the next sessions explored the transformation across the digital media landscape.

6-6_Magel_RadinKris Magel, President, Initiative U.S., and Aaron Radin, Senior Vice President, Partnership and Portfolio Products, NBC Universal, shared their point of view on programmatic television. Real time is impacting the entire communication space–constantly looking at new tools to be able to move towards a vision: create real time data, build media plans, and be able to make changes to media plans on the fly. Still in the early days of programmatic TV, agencies can currently make all the inventory available to be planned programmatically, and allow clients to create their own media plans, but none of this is done in real time yet. Magel said that in order to take advantage of the automated capabilities, we need to look at video overall with a holistic approach to delivering messaging in the video space, from TV to multi-screen.

5_Kruter-LaramieJosh Kruter, Head of Digital Product, Clear Channel Outdoor, and John Laramie, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, ADstruc presented how the majority of Out-of-Home (OOH) is still static and very manual in terms of media planning—using photo sheets and spread sheets. ADstruc looked at every step of the buy/sell program to automate every touch points with APIs and to create a workflow that compresses the planning time from weeks to days or even hours. They automated lots of the components of the ask, search for inventory and workflow – availability, pricing, demographics across partners through APIs then applying a layer with data partners to optimize the media plan. ADstruc is bringing programmatic approaches to buying static media and building automation with partners like Clear Channel, getting smarter about bringing data in this environment.

7-2_Greitzer_and_MasseMatthew Greitzer, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Accordant Media, and Benjamin Masse, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Advertising, Triton Digital, provided a programmatic audio overview. With a booming audience, reaching over 4.5 million listeners every morning, connected mostly on mobile devices (over 80% for streaming music), advertisers can reach an engaged audience in an uncluttered environment via digital audio platforms. Those ads are native and brand safe–running only on premium broadcasters. Targetability and measurability are key for performance oriented campaigns with tracking and attribution. IAB released the Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST) in October 2014 and Open Real Time Bidding (OpenRTB) 2.4 will be released soon with a new audio object and accelerated support from DSPs. Big trading desk like AppNexus, The Trade Desk, and MediaMath are already connected. Programmatic for digital audio has been a reality since January 2013 with over half the adult digital population listening to audio, and it can be traded as easily as programmatic display or video.

8_Loren_GrossmanLoren Grossman, Chief Experience Officer, Annalect, the data and adtech engine for Omnicom, talked about how to marry data and creative. Programmatic creative has become a term in vogue. Grossman defines it as a data driven, dynamic experience to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Smart data, purposeful data is important to create those insightful audiences such as market timing insight, product preference insight, and to offer dynamic personalized creative with DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization). He recommended deconstructing advertising creative into assets—audience, branding, CTA, message, and service—to assemble the correct ad for the audience in real time then implement a rigorous testing design to ensure optimization. Specific creative pairing help get high personalization and strong lift. Grossman recommended to be very purposefully personalized and targeted and to think about creative as assets instead of ads.

Following a networking refreshment break, participants broke up into two workshops about Scaling the Walled Garden: An Omnichannel Approach to Programmatic Buying; and The Age of the Mobile PMP.

10_Laszlo_Murphy_TsagaroulisDan Murphy, Senior Vice President of Audience Measurement & Analytics, Univision Communications, took back the stage to talk about programmatic measurement cross platform. He said that we need comparable metrics across platforms, rather than cross device. The challenges are to measure consumer value cross-platform, attribution, engagement, data quality, transparency and accountability, and usability for a good user experience. Nikos Tsagaroulis, Senior Partner, Director Programmatic Optimizations, Analytics and Data, Group M Connect, talked about cross device measurement and attribution challenges. Programmatic viewable attribution pillars for data driven ROI include audience, screens, channels, content, credit assignment, and real time. Measurement challenges include conversion capture, KPIs, and testing. Murphy said that reach, duration and visit or frequency are all important metrics–however they need to be comparable, viewable, and optimizable. The methodology should be transparent and accountable, always tied to metrics with optimization in mind. Murphy mentioned that we need to take a look at all the tags we have into a creative and to collectively adopt the LEAN principles.

11_Delaney_Kilgore_nortonProgrammatic is also changing the sales force. Despite the rise of automation in digital, the human touch remains critical in transactions. Mac Delaney, Head of Programmatic, Merkle, said that it is time for cross pollination between agencies, clients, and publishers when hiring. The modern agency needs to understand advanced analytics, modeling, and database management. The seller can be an enabler, empowering the buy side. Yet we need to bring a different type of skill sets, develop a true consultative approach with a subject matter expert, enabling new KPIs. We are evolving from an upfront negotiation with media investment to a collaboration with a true ROI and investment where all partners can win. 11_Jim_NortonJim Norton, Head of Global Media Sales, AOL, suggested to be the “digital doctors of the advertising world”. AOL has been investing in culture (branding and storytelling) and code (performance). Norton said that you need to know your customer and your products. The sales team can be organized with a single point of contact who builds trust with the client and balanced by bringing in a subject matter expert. With thorough understanding of what clients are looking for, their challenges, you can diagnose, then bring the right solution. AOL was one of the first companies to require its sales team to go through IAB Digital Media Sales Certification, training, and ongoing learning. It’s about building the confidence for the sales team through education. Randy Kilgore, Consultant, Kilgore Media Group, had a fire-side chat with Delaney and Norton about those new dynamics in the sales force. There is always tension between product expertise and consumer expertise. You can bring in highly competent talent, yet there is still a component of sales and service. To be relevant you have to be a trusted advisor and strategist both on the buy side and sell side. A diverse recruiting strategy is critical. Clients are also craving a slimmed down portfolio of providers instead of an exponential number of partners. We are in an era of collaboration where you want to become a trusted provider.

After a networking lunch, participants broke up into deep-dive tracks dedicated to Native Programmatic: State of the Market; Beyond Programmatic video to TV: The Seller Perspective; Implementing, and Scaling, Native Programmatic; and The Year of programmatic TV: The Buyer POV.

13_Header_BiddingMany believe header bidding is a step toward a unified auction, but not all sources of demand are created equal. Pilar Prassas, Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic, Reuters, moderated the panel about header bidding. Sam Cox, Vice President of Global Partnerships, MediaMath, said that the marketplace is moving to put programmatic first. Hitting multiple exchanges simultaneously helps bring more inventory to the marketplace and helps advertiser performance. Kristina Goldberg, Vice President, Programmatic, Mediavest USA, said it is critical to understand where to purchase and how to purchase. Tom Shields, Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy, AppNexus, and Co-Founder, Yieldex, talked about how programmatic is flipping the waterfall upside down in a way that is compelling. A year ago, guaranteed ad server always got the first look. By putting programmatic first you are able to capture those high value bids in a new way. Some programmatic buys are now at premium CPMs. Now over half of the top comScore publishers are using programmatic. Publishers are placing tags for header bidding on their pages. Cox recommended to watch latency and to make sure that all partnerships have synchronized calls. Header tags are not an SSP (supply-side platform) but a marketplace aggregation tool. We need to normalize the header tags and increase the total inventory. Per Cox, the trend is moving towards a singularity of opportunity and a secondary look to figure out allocation. Shields recommended for publishers to pick their partner carefully. Trust and data protection are important.

14-1_Erica_SchmidtErica Schmidt, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, North America, Cadreon, talked about viewability and ad effectiveness from a marketer’s perspective and about putting science behind the standards. Schmidt shared insights from a recent study that explores the value of ads that meet the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewability standards. Key findings show that viewability is highly related to ad effectiveness. Two key dimensions are time and view. How long the ad is in view matters more than how much of it is in view. Her practical advice on how marketers can get the biggest bang for their buck include using video ads, prioritizing ad spaces where audio is likely to be on, ensuring that the logo is immediately visible, avoiding clutter, and placing ads in places where they are likely to be viewed for a longer period of time.

15_Joseph_LewisLeigh Zarelli Lewis, Senior Vice President, Consumer Brands, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Lijo Joseph, Senior Director – Performance Media, Beeby Clark+Meyler, presented how programmatic can drive app download. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt created a cross-platform content service called Curious World, a free learning app providing many ways to engage children in playful learning. The challenge was to build excitement and awareness about Curious World among parents with kids age 3 to 7 years old. Beeby Clark+Meyler created a campaign message focusing on kids talking with snappy lines. They leveraged various programmatic mobile partners using third party data to drive downloads among the target audience, generating half a million app installs within the first three months of the campaign. They recommend a clear message with brand presence and to work with partners or publishers who have the right audience and data.

19_Adam_KasperAdam Kasper, Chief Media Officer, Havas Media North America, took the stage to talk about the agency’s role in the future of programmatic, how agencies are adapting and adopting new technologies to move forward and meet clients’ goals. Kasper addressed today’s trading models, marketplace complexity, and where we are headed. The promise of programmatic in 2008, when Havas launched its first trading desk, was to streamline, simplify, improve the workflow, and consolidate. The reality today, is that there is still a ton of fragmentation, lots of complexity, pricing opacity, multiple workflows happening at the same time, and expansion. Buyers need to be proficient in multiple platforms. There has been some improvement for micro-economies and long tail, but the macro market is still in flux. Current pricing models are being challenged. Increased commoditization will force differentiation and consolidation at many levels. The agency trading desk is driving major changes in the agency, continuing to disrupt the agency model. Trading desks are evolving into more of a center of excellence—acquiring inventory, using client data, driving results, and optimizing. Agency generalists also need to become platform/data specialist. Kasper presented the tradeoff between the different models. Many challenges include viewability (as currency), ad blocking, fraud, bots, and lack of transparency. The trend is towards the consolidation of platforms with agencies acquiring ad tech companies, consolidating technologies, and improving data quality for an optimized customer experience.

29_Scott_Cunningham_IABTechLabScott Cunningham, Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, wrapped up the event highlighting header bidding, trade off between latency and viewability, and publishers’ ad diet. User experience is a tradable currency today. The law of diminishing returns is that more ads equates to reduced consumers. Brand integrity is key. Cunningham encourages publishers to value their audience by creating better consumer messaging and gathering customer feedback while setting the ground rules with the LEAN principles. The IAB Tech Lab will help empower publishers and supply chain companies with tools, guidelines, and research. Practice implementing DEAL and LEAN in your organizations while celebrating advertising as the economic engine of an open, independent world wide web.

The event concluded with participants breaking out into town hall conversations about Embracing Effective Targeting in an OTT Environment; and Securing Premium Inventory in a Supply Crisis World; and sipping on some networking cocktails.


8:00 am -

Registration Opens

8:00 am - 9:00 am

Breakfast and Networking

9:00 am -

Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:15 am -

The Buyer’s POV

One of the industry’s leading buyers explains what publishers and technology companies need to do in order to get in on their media plans.

9:40 am -

Programmatic TV, Out-of-Home, and Beyond: Revolution Across the Landscape

Programmatic has already conquered desktop, and every other media channel needs to be aware of what’s coming.  In separate presentations on these emerging channels, industry publishers and buyers shed light on “going programmatic.”

10:15 am -

Marrying Data with Creative across the Full Spectrum

Too many people find it difficult to reconcile creative and automation. Learn how to bridge the gap between creative and media teams, and discover what needs to happen in order for more creativity to occur within the sphere of programmatic.

10:30 am -

Networking Break

11:00 am -


Scaling the Walled Garden: An Omnichannel Approach to Programmatic Buying
Seller fragmentation can muffle agencies’ buying power and hurt scale. In this session, Jed Dederick, RVP of Business Development at The Trade Desk,  explores the impacts that omnichannel buying can have on reaching scale on a 1:1 basis, as well as how a multifaceted approach to programmatic buying can drive insights and build brands.

IAB Programmatic Marketplace

The Age of the Mobile PMP
In-app mobile programmatic buying has – already – leapfrogged desktop programmatic buying. Initially, desktop automated buying was limited to remnant inventory and low quality ad experiences. In-app mobile programmatic buying from day one has adapted all the goodness of advertising automation (transparency & control), but has focused on premium audience data and rich interactive creatives as the norm. This has brought about the Age of the Mobile PMP – Audience Built, Creative Driven. In this session, Anne Frisbie – SVP of Global Brand & Programmatic – will provide key insights in how your in-app mobile programmatic buying strategies need to vary from desktop buying strategies in order to take advantage of mobile’s benefits.


11:35 am -

Cross-Device Measurement and Attribution:
Accuracy, Efficiency, and Impact

Learn how industry leaders are tackling attribution challenges with regard to cross-platform transactions to gain a better understanding of publishers’ value, from audience to inventory, and determine how the emergence of new supply sources impacts efficiencies.

12:05 pm -

Man versus Machine: Cross Training the Future Workforce

Despite the rise of automation in digital, the human touch remains critical in transactions. Hear from leaders from in the publishing and agency world on how media will be bought and sold, and what skill sets are needed on both sides to be successful in closing the existing chasm between programmatic and direct sales.

12:30 pm -

Networking Lunch

1:30 pm -

Deep Dive Track Sessions

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

The Future of Native Programmatic

Session 1:

Native Programmatic: State of the Market
While the notion of automated native advertising seems to be at odds with itself, there is a growing need for it to be transacted successfully. Hear a state of the market on this nascent technology, including an update on the new specifications.

Sponsored by

Curt Larson, VP of Product, Sharethrough
Nate Gosselin, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Sharethrough
Tim Sims, VP of Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

Session 2:

Implementing, and Scaling, Native Programmatic
With the foundation for native programmatic set, gain an understanding of how it fits into the programmatic puzzle, and what the future has in store for this strategy. Learn how to successfully implement this strategy—and how it can scale.

Sponsored by

Daniel Bornstein, Senior Vice President of Platform Revenue, Demand Media
Aparna Dargar, Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising, 360i
Melissa Gallo, Director of Product- Programmatic Automation and Data, IAB Technology Lab
Curt Larson, VP of Product, Sharethrough

The Evolution of Programmatic Video

Beyond Programmatic Video to TV: The Seller Perspective
Programmatic video is moving to the big screen—television. Yet despite 2016 slated to be “The Year of Programmatic TV,” it remains a nascent premise. Gain an understanding of the current state of the industry, and join the conversation as sellers discuss how the technology provides increasing value to advertisers.

Sponsored by
Tremor Video

Doug Fleming, Head of Advanced TV, Hulu
Walt Horstman, President, AudienceXpress
Ken Lagana, Senior Vice President, Sales, CBS Digital Media, CBS Interactive
Tim Ware, VP, Television, Tremor Video

The Year of Programmatic TV: The Buyer POV

Programmatic TV can provide advertisers with a more holistic view of their audience. Learn how buyers are adopting programmatic TV in order to better invest their television spend to reach the right audience.

Sponsored by
Tremor Video

Jay Baum, SVP, Agency Partnerships, Tremor Video
Mike Bologna, President, MODI Media
Matthew Kramer, Director of Programmatic Investment, Omnicom

2:40 pm -

Header Bidding: Fad or Future?

Many believe header bidding is a step toward a unified auction, but not all sources of demand are created equal. Find out how header bidding can be leveraged—and how it will impact latency—across channels beyond display.

3:10 pm -

Viewability and Ad Effectiveness: Learnings from a Marketer’s Perspective

Discover key takeaways from this 10,000-person study, and how the implications of the findings can be applied within this programmatic world. Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt shares insights from a recent that explores the value of ads that meet MRC viewability standards, the relationship of viewability to ad effectiveness, and how marketers can maximize their bottom lines.

3:25 pm -

Case Study: How Programmatic Drives App Downloads

Programmatic advertising has traditionally been used to drive brand awareness, it’s proven perhaps even more important in helping marketers drive app installs. Learn how Houghton Mifflin Harcourt used automation as part of an integrated digital advertising campaign to drive downloads of its most successful children’s education app, Curious World.

3:40 pm -

Programmatic’s Future: The Agency’s Role

Automation across all media, and across all channels, is no longer simply an idea, but a reality. But what reality is ideal? In-house? Outsourced? Owning technology? Buying data? How can agencies stay competitive in a world of intense competition and constant change? Havas’ Adam Kasper explores the future of programmatic, and the agency’s role in this world.

4:00 pm -

Networking Break

4:30 pm -

Town Halls

Pose questions. Share experiences. Exchange insights.
Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Town Halls tap into this energy by creating interactive town halls focused on hot topics in digital marketing and media.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions.

Drinks will be served.

Embracing Effective Targeting in an OTT Environment
Targeting and Attribution in a Cookie-less, Multi-Device World
Discussion points include:

  • How is the shift away from linear TV into digital video and over-the-top television impacting targeting and attribution?
  • What are best practices for marketers seeking to reach cord-cutters across devices?
  • How can we do third-party attribution without VPAID in a cookie-less environment?

Sponsored by

Securing Premium Inventory in a Supply Crisis World
Can, and Should, Header Bidding and Mobile Guaranteed Buying Co-exist?
Discussion points include:

  • Header bidding solves for a “today” solution, but, does it have benefit for buyers who wish to secure guaranteed premium inventory in to the future?
  • What are the gaps in header bidding for which futures markets solves?
  • How does the futures market lend itself to a landscape where targeting is difficult and premium inventory is scarce?

Sponsored by
Juice Mobile

5:30 pm -

Cocktails and Networking

Jay Baum
  • Jay Baum
  • SVP, Agency Partnerships
  • Tremor Video

As SVP of Agency Partnerships, Jay is responsible for developing deeper relationships with the top agencies and trading desks. Prior to joining Tremor Video in July 2014, Baum served as an Executive Vice President and Director of National Video at Deutsch. Previously, he spent over a decade at MediaCom, most recently at the Managing Partner level for over three years. Throughout his career he has worked with many high profile accounts including DIRECTV, Volkswagen, Subway, Audi, Diageo and ConAgra.

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Mike Bologna
  • Mike Bologna
  • President
  • MODI Media

Mike Bologna, is the President at MODI Media – GroupM’s recently launched Advance Television business unit.

MODI specializes in the strategy, implementation and analysis of multiple Advanced Television disciplines including Addressable TV, Hyper-local TV, Interactive TV and Digital Distribution.

Prior to MODI, Mike was Managing Partner Director of Emerging Communications at GroupM. His primary role was to assist in the development of marketing and advertising applications for GroupM clients on advanced television digital platforms. Mike has managed key initiatives across a variety of GroupM advertisers.

Mike has been featured on Television Week’s Hot List as one of the top 10 players, age 35 or younger, who are making a mark on the industry. He currently serves on multiple industry committees and advisory boards related to the future and evolution of television.
Mike has been with GroupM for over 16 years and currently lives in Stamford, CT.

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Daniel Bornstein
  • Daniel Bornstein
  • Senior Vice President of Media Monetization & Operations
  • Demand Media

Daniel Bornstein is the Senior Vice President of Media Monetization & Operations for Demand Media. As a top 50 comScore web entity, Demand Media owns and operates a host of content rich sites such as eHow, LIVESTRONG and Cracked, which are top ranked in their categories. Daniel and his team are responsible for Demand’s D360 which is a leading programmatic platform leveraged by major brands and agencies to purchase high quality, data rich inventory. In addition, eHow, Livestrong, and Cracked also support direct advertiser integrations, native advertising, and sponsored content.

Prior to Demand Media, Daniel worked at DeviantArt (top ten social network per comScore) where he served on the company’s Executive team heading up sales, advertising, and account management. In addition, Daniel held posts in both the US and Europe for Google Inc over a five year period. In his last position he managed the new business development team for the UK & Ireland. He regularly speaks on panels and serves as a monetization advisor for early stage startups.

Daniel holds a BA (honors) from the Interdisciplinary Center and a Masters degree (MSc) in Economics (honors) from the London School of Economics. In his spare time he enjoys the year-round outdoor activities available in Southern California, adventure travel, as well as creative writing.

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Sam Cox
  • Sam Cox
  • Vice President of Global Partnerships
  • MediaMath

As VP of Global Partnerships at MediaMath, Sam Cox is responsible for all global partnerships, including: exchange partnerships, publisher partnerships and data and technology partnerships as well as business development.

Prior to joining MediaMath in 2014, Sam was the Vice President of Publisher and Business Development for OpenX. He joined OpenX through the acquisition of LiftDNA in 2012, where he was LiftDNA’s Senior Vice President of Publisher and Business Development. In this role, he was responsible for expanding the company’s roster of global digital publishers and strategic partners, as well as developing multiple marketplace management for publishers.

Sam earned his B.A. with Honors in Art History from Queen’s University and his MBA in Strategy from Cass Business School in London, UK.

Sam is a strong voice in the ad tech space, as he has been featured on Beet.tv, Digiday, MPAA, TechCrunch, Adotas, Adexchanger, Crain’s New York, Business Insider and Forbes. Based in New York, he is an avid offshore sailor and brand ambassador for Helly Hansen clothing. He is a lover of dogs, classic cars and cooking.

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Aparna Dargar
  • Aparna Dargar
  • Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising
  • 360i
  • @AparnaDargar

Aparna Dargar is Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising at 360i. She has been leading the product charge at 360i for 2 years now, and is responsible for diversifying their offering into emerging technologies like – Digital Audio, Digital Out-of-home, Advanced TV, Native, to name a few. Aparna has extensive experience in automated trading and digital product development and has prior experience at shops like Xaxis and TRAFFIQ. In her time at 360i, she has managed brands like Capital One, Spotify, Pernod Ricard, Saks Fifth Ave, Ralph Lauren, Hitachi, Canon. Aparna holds a B.A. in English Literature with minor in Marketing from Delhi University and a Masters in Entertainment Industry Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

  • Social:
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Mac Delaney 1
  • Mac Delaney
  • Head of Programmatic
  • Merkle

As Head of Programmatic, Mac oversees the development of Merkle’s programmatic display and social go-to-market strategy and offering. Mac will be responsible for identifying and managing the technology, media, and data partnerships that deliver programmatic and social programs fueled by MerkleONE, Merkle’s people-based marketing solution.

Prior to joining Merkle, Mac Delaney served as SVP of Programmatic for Starcom Mediavest Group where he was responsible for accelerating the group’s programmatic marketing capability through the development of processes, technology, and strategy across the organization. By working in partnership with agency and account leadership, as well as with the marketplace, Delaney worked to ensure the understanding and adoption of programmatic principles and best practices throughout the agencies.

Delaney began his career at 24/7 Media in 2000 and has led sales teams at Yahoo!, Microsoft, Federated Media, VivaKi, Publicis Groupe’s digital R&D hub, and FOX Interactive.

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Doug Fleming 1
  • Doug Fleming
  • Head of Advanced TV
  • Hulu

Doug Fleming is the Head of Advanced TV at Hulu where he is responsible for leading Hulu’s efforts within the emerging advanced television environment and designing and developing Hulu’s digital video offerings. Previously, Fleming was a programmatic publisher and video strategist at Prohaska Consulting. Prior to that, he was the Vice President of Digital Sales at USA Today Sports Group where he led the East Coast Multimedia Sales team. He also held a role at ESPN as the Director of Audience Sales where he led the newly created private marketplace sales group overseeing ESPN’s Private Ad Exchange Marketplace. In his role, he created and deployed communication strategy to the advertising marketplace in regards to ESPN’s programmatic strategy. In addition, Fleming has worked in various sales and ad operations roles at ESPN and Walt Disney Internet Group.

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Anne Frisbie
  • Anne Frisbie
  • Senior Vice President of Global Brand & Programmatic
  • InMobi

Anne is the Senior Vice President of Global Brand & Programmatic ​at InMobi. She is the general manager for InMobi Exchange plus North American & Europe brand sales as well as leads InMobi’s overall global brand strategy. Prior to InMobi, Anne managed revenue for Yahoo! as Vice President of Category and Sales Intelligence, providing strategic insights and digital media solutions to leading brands and agencies. A digital-media industry veteran of over 15 years, Anne’s experience also includes founding an e-commerce company and directing publisher development at what is now most famously known as ​Elon Musk’s first start-up, Zip2.

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Melissa Gallo 2
  • Melissa Gallo
  • Director, Product, Programmatic Automation and Data
  • IAB

Melissa is the Director of Product, Programmatic Automation and Data for the IAB Tech Lab and has oversight over the Modernizing Measurement Taskforce, IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy, OpenRTB and OpenDirect protocols, working groups, tools, and events related to these topics.

Most recently Melissa was at VivaKi where she oversaw the Display, Mobile, and Native channels for Audience on Demand. Prior to that, she was the Senior Director of Advertising Operations and Media for Spongecell.

Melissa has over 8 years’ experience in digital advertising and has also served in various Ad Operations roles at IDG Tech Net, Giant Realm, and Undertone.

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Kristina Goldberg
  • Kristina Goldberg
  • Vice President, Programmatic
  • Mediavest USA

Kristina Goldberg, who joined Mediavest in May 2015, drove the development and launch of Mediavest’s in-house programmatic offering in 2015. Prior to joining Mediavest, Kristina served as COO of Buzzoola and earlier, Director of Publisher Partnerships at Jumptap. She uses her adtech background and experience on the publisher side of the industry to lead her team to strategically understand the marketplace beyond the scope of media buying. Kristina collaborates across teams – custom product, analytics, VivaKi and more – to elevate Mediavest’s product offering and directly drive revenue on behalf of the agency and its clients.

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Nate Gosselin
  • Nate Gosselin
  • Sr. Product Marketing Manager
  • Sharethrough
  • @nfrgosselin

Nate Gosselin has been shaping Sharethrough’s native ad products since starting in their SF headquarters in 2011. Now based in NYC, he is responsible for communicating the present and identifying the future of Sharethrough’s buy side products as Product Marketing and Strategy lead. One of his current core focuses is bringing the world of native and programmatic together by helping new buyers understand how to make the most of in-feed native media. 

Key accomplishments from Nate’s tenure at Sharethrough include opening the London office and developing the European market strategy, as well as launching the Meaningful Content Fund, a pro-bono celebration of great content.

Prior to joining Sharethrough, he worked at creative agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco, where he helped develop brand advertising strategies for clients Sprint, Foster Farms and American Century Investments. 

  • Social:
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Loren Grossman
  • Loren Grossman
  • Chief Experience Officer
  • Annalect

As the Chief Experience Officer, Loren Grossman will be developing and expanding Annalect’s offering in data-driven creative strategy, operations and development.

Prior to taking his role at Annalect, Loren served as RAPP’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. He was responsible for guiding and integrating the Marketing Analytics, Planning, Digital, Media and Data Solutions departments.

During his tenure at RAPP, Loren created the agency’s Integrated Communication Planning (ICP) process, a consultative methodology responsible for more than $30 million in strategy-specific revenue over the course of its implementation.

With more than 20 years of experience in analytics and multichannel marketing, Loren brings significant depth of expertise. His accomplishments include development and authorship of campaigns and marketing communications platforms for brands as varied as HP, British Airways, Citibank, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, the US Navy, Pfizer, Genentech, the NFL and Best Buy.

Loren is a prolific and widely recognized speaker and writer on the subjects of analytics, digital and data-driven marketing.

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Walt Horstman
  • Walt Horstman
  • President
  • AudienceXpress

As President of AudienceXpress and head of data partnership development, Walt brings a deep understanding of the TV advertising industry and of technology. Having launched the industry’s first addressable TV campaigns, Walt is a leader in advanced advertising. Walt leads the AudienceXpress team in developing and executing on the group’s business strategy, driving deployment of the AudienceXpress platform with both ad inventory sellers and buyers, and developing its product strategy and roadmap. Walt came to AudienceXpress from Visible World, where he was Senior Vice President, Media. Previously, Walt was a Director at Cablevision in Product Management, and a management consultant in the Strategy group at Accenture. He holds a BA in Economics and German from Amherst College, and an MBA from Stanford University.

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Lijo is a multidisciplinary digital marketer with nearly a decade of expertise covering various performance media tactics, including search & display media on desktop and mobile channels. As a Senior Director, Performance Media at Beeby, Clark+Meyler, he leads the practice of programmatic performance media buying across desktop, mobile & emerging media channels.??

Over the years, Lijo has worked with clients across travel, retail, fashion, finance, real estate, healthcare and industrial verticals. He has helped grow the ROI of their online campaigns YOY by integrating online (website) and offline measurement channels (call center, POS).??

He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Kerala University, India and an MBA in marketing from Zicklin School of Business, City University of New York. In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors by skiing, rafting and biking.

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Adam Kasper 1
  • Adam Kasper
  • Chief Media Officer
  • Havas Media North America

Adam Kasper serves as the Chief Media Officer of Havas Media, North America with oversight and responsibility for the agency’s investment teams and integrated product offering. Since his arrival, Adam has helped to lead the evolution of Havas’ media services offerings to better reflect the digital, social and mobile needs of the agency’s clients including the perpetually changing media landscape and the affects it has on consumer behavior. Adam has been instrumental in the design of the agency structure to meet these needs. Adam serves as a member of the firm’s executive management team and reports directly to the CEO of Havas North America.

Prior to being named Chief Media Officer, Kasper held positions of increasing authority at Havas including Executive Vice President Strategic investments and Senior Vice President, Director Digital Media.

In his current role, Adam guides Havas Media’s efforts across all channel investments. In addition, he leads all partner and vendor relationships and is constantly improving Havas Media’s product offering. This includes the agency’s programmatic and automated approach led by its Affiperf unit, a full-service social offering via Socialyse, critical mobile marketing execution through its mobile service Mobext, search optimization via Ecselis, as well as creative and content development from Cake. Adam oversees a team of more than 300 media professionals across all U.S. offices and works intimately with Havas Media’s roster of client’s including Fidelity Investments, Sears Holdings, LVMH, Choice Hotels, Dish Networks, Philips, Safelite and the National Association of Realtors in order to activate their media and marketing investments with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

A 20-year veteran of the digital marketing and media industry, he is frequently called upon to speak at industry events and in the press. In 2013 he was named an OMMA/Mediapost Media All-Star and is a frequent contributor to industry publications.

Prior to Havas, Kasper served as Vice President, Media Director at Allen & Gerritsen in Boston. He also held roles with Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos and Houston, Effler, Herstek & Favat. Adam earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Rochester. He also completed the CEDEP/INSEAD Operational Excellence Program in Fontainbleu, France. Adam makes his home in Massachusetts with his wife and two children and also keeps a residence in New York City.

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Randy Kilgore
  • Randy Kilgore
  • Consultant
  • Kilgore Media Group

Randy Kilgore has run sales organizations for 20 years and most recently started a consulting/advisory business. The Kilgore Media Group works with large and small, legacy and digital pure play companies to drive accelerated revenue growth.

Previously Randy was recruited to be the President of National Sales at Gannett where he was responsible for national revenue across the company’s 93 publishing companies, 43 broadcast properties digital platforms, and USA Today.

Prior to Gannett Randy was the CRO for Tremor Video. Having joined as an early employee Randy built the business infrastructure and revenue operations team over his 8 year tenure. In 2013 Tremor Video had a successful IPO.

Randy joined Tremor after 16 years at Dow Jones where he was EVP, Sales and Marketing for WSJ.com. He took over as WSJ.com’s Advertising Director in 1997 and led the team to exponential growth and spearheaded the integration of the revenue operations after the acquisition of MarketWatch.

Randy currently serves on a number of advisory boards for pure play digital media companies and lives in Westchester County, NY.

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Matthew Kramer
  • Matthew Kramer
  • Director of Programmatic Investment
  • Omnicom

Matthew Kramer is the Director of Programmatic Investment with Omnicom where he leads publisher relationships and manages Omnicom’s premium video marketplace. In this role, he negotiates and helps set up private marketplaces with some of the most premium publishers.

In the TV space, Matthew leads product development and is responsible for defining, architecting, testing and executing new products for Omnicom agencies and clients. His extensive offline media strategy experience has brought a fresh perspective to the agency, recalibrating how they define value for their existing and new TV offerings.

Before joining Omnicom, Matt spent over 10 years planning offline and online lead acquisition media channels. Matt started his career at Wunderman Media where he developed his skills in DRTV and Print planning. Later, as a cross-channel media supervisor at MECi, he gained experience within the Display and Search space. More recently, Matt has led direct response efforts at DraftFCB in Chicago and OMG Pathway in New York.

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Josh Kruter
  • Josh Kruter
  • Head of Digital Product
  • Clear Channel Outdoor

Josh Kruter oversees the digital portfolio for Clear Channel Outdoor North America: from dynamic, interactive and social offerings on Clear Channel’s digital screens (which reach more than 100MM consumers each month) to digital/mobile engagement layers on the company’s static inventory. He joined iHeartMedia’s out-of-home business in 2014 after leading marketing strategy and operations for the company’s iHeartRadio app. Josh has also held senior positions at leading brands including Forbes, Phillips-Van Heusen and Virgin Mobile.

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Ken Lagana 2
  • Ken Lagana
  • Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Panoply

Ken Lagana was named Head of Sales and Marketing for Panoply in February 2018. He is laser focused on evangelizing Megaphone Targeted Marketplace (MTM), Panoply’s game-changing advertiser-driven targeting and measurement solution.

Prior to joining Panoply, Ken was Senior Vice President Global Sales and Marketing for CBS DIGITAL MEDIA. In this role, Ken oversaw revenue generation and Integrated Marketing for the Entertainment, News and Sports properties for Interactive. Ken’s 20+ year media career also includes Sales and Management positions at Turner Broadcasting, and Planning and strategy roles at Grey advertising.

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John Laramie
  • John Laramie
  • CEO and Founder
  • ADstruc

John Laramie is the CEO and Founder of ADstruc, the leading technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry, where he oversees all of the company’s business operations and sales. He graduated from Loyola University of Maryland with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Concentration in Marketing. 

John was featured in Business Week’s Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs 2011 and Silicon Alley’s 2011 and 2010 Top 100 People in NYC Tech.

In 2007, John started his own consulting agency where he helped develop the brand behind Naked Ping Pong, the group that is now known as SPiN New York (www.spinyc.com), a 13,000-square-foot table tennis social club. 

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Curt Larson
  • Curt Larson
  • VP of Product
  • Sharethrough

Curt Larson leads the product innovation team at Sharethrough, the leading native monetization platform for publishers.  With a background in management consulting and project/program management plus 10 years of product management experience with startups, Curt brings diverse process thinking and background to Sharethrough and has focused on building a truly unique culture of product and engineering innovation with growing and transforming the Sharethrough business.

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  • Joe Laszlo
  • Vice President, Industry Initiatives
  • IAB

As the Director of the IAB’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, Joe Laszlo plays a key role to the mission to grow the mobile interactive industry. He manages many of the IAB’s mobile standardization, best practices, and research projects; provides advice for both buyers and sellers of mobile ; and oversees the IAB’s Mobile and Tablet.

Joe served the IAB’s Director of Research from Sept. 2007-Dec. 2010. During his IAB career, he has led IAB projects including standards for mobile rich advertising and guidelines for mobile web ad impression counting.

Prior to the IAB, Joe had an eight-year tenure at Jupiter Research, where he started researching and writing about mobile interactivity 2000.

Joe holds an MA from the Fletcher of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts and a BA from Columbia.

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Kris Magel
  • Kris Magel
  • President
  • Initiative U.S.

Kristian (Kris) Magel is President of Initiative U.S., one of the Interpublic Group’s (NYSE: IPG) three worldwide media networks and part of the company’s IPG Mediabrands unit. Magel is responsible for all Initiative’s operational and client responsibilities in Initiative U.S.

Prior to this Magel served as Chief Investment Officer for Initiative in the region, a role in which he was he was responsible for forming the agency’s integrated investment teams across all channels, including national / local broadcast, video, display, mobile, social and search. His investment teams were fully integrated within every account team, working in conjunction with the firm’s Strategy, Analytics and Business Leaders to deliver 360 degree multiplatform media and marketing partnerships. Kris also sat alongside the Investment Leaders of fellow IPG agencies as a member of the MagnaGlobal Council, working with media partners to deliver the most effective marketing investment approaches that maximize client marketing spends.

A veteran with nearly two decades of experience in the media business, Kris was nominated the TV Week Buyer of the Year in 2015. Over the years, Kris has proven himself a formidable negotiator who has earned the respect of media partners for both his analytical approach to the marketplace and his passionate representation of clients. His reputation for articulate, informed intelligence also makes him a favorite with the press and a popular panelist at industry events.  In 2012 Magel was named to the Adweek 50 (#16) as one of the industry’s most influential executives and was a Mediaweek ‘Media All-Star’ in 2007. Magel also has an influential voice within the video industry, serving as a co-chair of the Ad Council’s Broadcast TV Committee, a member of the advisory boards of industry collective Videonomics, the IAB’s Digital Video Center of Excellence, and the New York Advertising Club.

Prior to joining Initiative in 2007, Kris held the position of Senior Vice President, National Broadcast at Zenith where he created a fully integrated buying unit for Maybelline/Garnier that recognized early on the value of digital media working in conjunction with television. Prior to Zenith, Kris worked at Optimedia in a variety of Investment roles of increasing responsibility, culminating as Senior Vice President, National Broadcast.  He also worked for DeWitt Media handling TV and Radio Investment. 

Kris received his Bachelors of Arts degree from the John Wiley School of Business at the State University of New York at Geneseo. He makes his home with his family in New York City and East Hampton, New York.

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Benjamin Masse
  • Benjamin Masse
  • SVP and GM of Advertising
  • Triton Digital
  • @benjaminmasse

Benjamin Masse is a recognized programmatic advertising technology and interactive applications pioneer with more than 15 years of experience. Over this period, Benjamin has established synergies between business stakeholders and software development teams, delivering consistently innovative products. As SVP and GM of Advertising at Triton Digital, he spearheads product strategy and development for a2x (Triton’s programmatic audio advertising exchange) and Tap (Triton’s audio publishers ad server), products which monetize digital content for media companies and unleash advertising efficacy for media buyers. Benjamin holds a MSC in Anthropology and Post-Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Management. As an accomplished musician, he fully appreciates the growing importance of connecting business, technology, and culture. Benjamin currently resides in Brooklyn with his family.

  • Social:
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Dan Murphy 1

Dan Murphy has been an active player in Digital Media for over two decades, working with Univision, CBS Digital (Sportsline) and comScore (Media Metrix), among others.  Over the years, Dan has been an innovator providing many firsts to Digital Media.  By way of example, he championed the digital industries longest running MRC audited digital platform at Univision.  At Media Metrix, he created the original nomenclature serving as the foundation for comScore’s categories.  While at Sportsline, he created the original “Live sports” UI as well as the architect of VegasInsider.com.  Prior to Sportsline, Dan designed two sports apps (STATS for Baseball and Fingertip for Golf) for the Apple Newton.  In one of his first jobs after college, he designed a covert communication system for the YF-23 Fighter Cockpit while concurrently serving as lead analyst in Man-in-the-Loop Simulations.

Today you can find Dan representing Univision Communications and Hispanic in industry forums, including, but not limited to the Media Ratings Council (MRC), IAB, Council for Research Excellence (CRE), Coalition for Innovate Media Measurement (CIMM) and Advertising Research Foundation (ARF.)  Current issues that regularly cross his desk include, but are not limited to, Cross-Platform Audience Measurement, Ad Impression Viewability, Invalid Traffic, Ad blocking, Programmatic & Data with a constant eye to high levels of Transparency and Accountability.

  • Social:
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Jim Norton 1
  • Jim Norton
  • Global Head of Media Sales
  • AOL

You know Norton is an accomplished executive simply from the number of commas his job description requires. At AOL, Jim’s responsible for advertising sales for the entire AOL brand portfolio, including The Huffington Post, Engadget, StyleList, AOL Platforms, AOL On and MapQuest. He also leads the sales of all cross-platform marketing solutions, including the display, the Project Devil initiative, video and mobile.

Jim joined AOL in 2009 as SVP of AOL Advertising’s Advance Sales team, which focused on national and regional advertisers as well as new business. He’s also been VP of Product Sales, managed AOL’s Search and Sponsored Listings business, and helped launch and manage AOL’s self service advertising platform, Ad Desk.

Previous to AOL, Jim spent 3 years at Google, most recently as National Sales Manager for Google’s Agency Activation team. And before going digital, Jim worked in a variety of traditional media sales and marketing roles for Tribune Broadcasting, KISS FM and Miller Brewing.

A lifelong Bostonian, Jim is a ‘Triple Eagle’, having graduated from BC High, Boston College and BC’s Carroll Graduate School of Business. He lives in Cohasset, MA with his wife, Katie, and their sons Jack, Ryan and Charlie. Still, we’ve never heard him say “wicked pissah” once.

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Pilar Prassas
  • Pilar Prassas
  • Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic
  • Reuters

As Reuters Global Head of Ad Operations, Business Development and Programmatic, Prassas focuses on driving new revenue across 17 global site editions in nine different local languages. Prassas has been with Reuters for over 12 years and served in many different capacities. She started her career in Advertising Operations at Reuters and helped build a global ops team focused on implementing out-of-the-box custom executions. Prassas then became the Director of Global Platform Solutions where she spent three years simplifying all consumer media workflow. From pipeline management to order management to campaign management all the way to billing and reconciliation, she integrated all critical systems at Reuters. Prassas then shifted gears and became the Director of Global Audience Development. She helped package a number of different data points into a unique audience offering for the Reuters sales team to take to market.

Prassas is a graduate of Boston University with a BS in Journalism. Immediately after graduating, Prassas Directed and Produced a full-length documentary entitled In Sickness and In Health. Her award-wining film traveled all around the world.

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Aaron Radin
  • Aaron Radin
  • Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Portfolio Products
  • NBCUniversal

Aaron Radin serves as Senior Vice President, Partnerships & Portfolio Products, NBCUniversal. In this position, Radin plays a leading role in NBCUniversal’s efforts to develop scalable ad products across the company’s portfolio, on platforms including web, mobile, second screen business, interactive TV and Video On Demand. He focuses on social media, programmatic and data-enabled advertising. Radin joined NBCUniversal in August 2013 and reports to Krishan Bhatia, Executive Vice President, Business Strategy & Operations, NBCUniversal.

Prior to joining NBCUniversal, Radin served as a consultant developing revenue models and strategy to pitch new online video channel of major production company to agency holding companies, including media, branded content and co-promotion and licensing.

From 2009-2012, Radin founded Toura—creating the leading technology platform for the efficient and cost-effective distribution of content to any smartphone or tablet device. As CEO and Co-Founder, Radin managed all business activity for Toura, raiding $3.8 million in angel funding. Radin sold Toura in November 2012.

In 2009, Radin served as General Manager for Radio One and helped overhaul the digital business for Radio One. As General Manager, Radin lead the strategic re-launch of 53 radio stations in 15 markets, effectively increasing revenue run rate by 300%. From 2004-2008, Radin held multiple posts at CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group, culminating in his appointment to Senior Vice President, Ad Sales and Business Development. During his time at CBS Television Stations, Radin transformed digital revenue from zero to $35 million annual goals and increased traffic by over %600. Radin was Vice President, Business Development and Ad Sales Strategy at Goldpocket Interactive from 2001-2004.

From 1999-2001, Radin served as Senior Manager of Integrated Sales at Walt Disney Internet Group and was responsible for sales for products, including Enhanced TV, ABCNews.com and ABC.com. Prior to Disney, Radin was Financial Account Manager, Direct-to-Home at Showtime Networks, Inc. Radin began his career at NBA Proprieties, Inc.

Radin earned his BA in English from New York University and holds a MBA in Business Administration, Finance and Marketing from Columbia Business School.

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Erica Schmidt
  • Erica Schmidt
  • EVP, Managing Director, North America
  • Cadreon

Erica Schmidt’s 15 years of digital experience, search savviness and programmatic expertise enables her to lead teams who deliver top-of-industry programmatic strategy and campaigns.
Erica has set the agenda for Cadreon to be focused on bottom line results for clients. Armed with extensive data sets, the best technology and a superstar team of specialists, no challenge is unsurmountable. Erica has brought Cadreon’s programmatic vision to life in North America by ensuring that real, measurable business outcomes are delivered for all clients. Erica is passionate about her team of specialists and has put people at the center of a technology-heavy industry.
Previous to joining the Cadreon leadership team, Erica spent an 8 year long stint in London working on the global development and rollout of Dentsu Aegis’ search offering iProspect and programmatic trading offering. Erica has provided keynotes and presentations at industry conferences around the world, and is often sought out for her honest and pragmatic point of view on the digital and programmatic industry. Throughout her career, Erica has worked on behalf of many Fortune 500 brands across the CPG, pharmaceutical, automotive (luxury and domestic OEMs), travel and insurance categories.

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Tom Shields 1
  • Tom Shields
  • Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy, AppNexus
  • & Co-Founder, Yieldex
  • @Tshields

Tom Shields is SVP, Publisher Strategy, AppNexus & Co-Founder, Yieldex. He is well recognized as an online advertising pioneer for his role in launching the world’s first ad servers. As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of NetGravity, Tom developed mission-critical real-time ad server software that was deployed at over 300 customer network operations centers, leading to a successful IPO in 1998. Tom was also co-founder and first CEO of Yieldex, pioneering advanced forecasting and analytics for top publishers like Comcast, Viacom, ESPN, and Pandora. Tom received a Service Award from the Internet Advertising Bureau for leading the group that created the first ad impression counting standards, and currently serves on the IAB Tech Lab Executive Committee. Before starting Yieldex, Tom was Managing Director at Woodside Fund. He also worked at Oracle and at technology startups in AI and finance. Tom graduated with honors with a BA in Computer Science from Harvard College.

  • Social:
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Tim Sims
  • Tim Sims
  • VP of Inventory Partnerships
  • The Trade Desk

Tim Sims is the Vice President of Inventory Partnerships at The Trade Desk, a global demand-side platform in the $5B real-time bidding industry. In his role at The Trade Desk, Tim leads the company’s strategy and vision to create cutting-edge supply-side collaborations.

Tim also oversees The Trade Desk’s industry-shaping publisher management platform, where advertisers can transact with publishers to buy premium inventory through programmatic channels.

Tim is an adtech veteran, having previously served as director of business development at OpenX, and director of media at Spot Runner.

Tim is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and lives and works in New York City.

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Nikos Tsagaroulis
  • Nikos Tsagaroulis
  • Senior Partner, Director Programmatic Optimizations, Analytics and Data
  • GroupM Connect

Nikos is a Senior Partner, Director Programmatic Optimizations, Analytics and Data at GroupM Connect. He is a highly experienced and passionate marketer with more than twenty five years commitment in driving data-driven strategy and ROI, quantitative analytics, insights and story-telling. Nikos has a highly diverse experience on both the agency and B2C/B2B client sides. On the agency side, he has worked at Maxus, Rapp and Razorfish holding analytics and strategy leadership roles, supporting clients in many industries. On the client side, he has worked at AT&T, Avaya, Hitachi and Motorola Solutions leading global analytics and demand generation organizations.

Nikos’ expertise areas revolve around marketing effectiveness and analytics, digital advertising performance optimization, measurement and reporting, multi-channel and multi-screen advanced digital attribution, deep digital advertising analytics, media-mix modeling, segmentation and life-time value based targeting. His expertise has been shared in numerous forums including the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As), AdWeek, DMA, NCDM, The Institute of International Research, the American Marketing Association and the SAS Institute.

Nikos is a PhD (ABD) in Economics and holds both a MA in Economics and MBA. Along with his wife Kiki, he loves travelling and every year, among other destinations, returns to Greece visiting a different island in the Aegean, re-uniting with family and friends.

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Auto Draft 67
  • Ruud Wanck
  • CEO Connect
  • GroupM Global

In 2015 Ruud Wanck was named CEO Worldwide for GroupM Connect. The focus of Connect is to apply our groups leverage and scale to data, operations and technology across all real-time and biddable media.

Prior to this appointment, he was the Global Digital COO and acted as the Chairman of GroupM for the Benelux. Ruud has also worked at MEC, a GroupM agency, as CCO and Managing Director for MEC Netherlands and before that in a Digital capacity in Europe.

Ruud joined the Worldwide GroupM Executive Committee in 2013, is co-author of the Dutch best-seller digital handbook ‘Internet Advertising & Marketing’ and has a degree in Physics and Business Economics.

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Tim Ware
  • Tim Ware
  • VP, Television
  • Tremor Video
  • @tware67

Tim is responsible for extending Tremor Video’s software for video ad effectiveness to new platforms, including over-the-top and programmatic television. Prior to joining Tremor Video where he served as The Wall Street Journal’s Mobile and Video Sales Director responsible for ad sales across Dow Jones’ popular mobile apps and its new video service, WSJ Live. Prior to The Journal, he worked for top sports and entertainment entities, including ESPN — where he helped establish its online ad business including mobile and video offerings, NHL, WWE. Yardbarker and InterZine Productions. Tim broke into the advertising business as a TV Buyer and Negotiator at McCann-Erickson and Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

  • Social:
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Leigh Zarelli Lewis
  • Leigh Zarelli Lewis
  • Senior Vice President, Consumer Brands
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Thomas Adams

Director WebCosts


Ron Adiel

Head of Strategy, Analytics & Operations, SVP

Time Inc.

Sarah-Jane Alliott

Account Director

Havas Media

Adam Aluise

Business Analyst / PM

NBC Universal

Christopher Ambrosio

Vice President


Trent Anderson

Client Solutions, FourFronts


Abby Anderson

Director Display Media

gap inc.

Cesar Angulo

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

IPG Mediabrands

Dave Antonelli



Craig Aron

VP, Publisher Development and Partnerships


Jaime Arszman

Director, Client Services & Sales Planning


Nirmala Bahall

Global Media Innovation Lead


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Hilary Baris

Digital Media & Marketing Director

Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Phaedra Barlas

Project Manager, Customer Experience


Joe Barone

Managing Partner Digital Operations


Jessica Barrett

Head of Programmatic Operations, US

Financial Times

Karen Baruh

Vice President

Viacom International Inc.

Jay Baum

VP, Agency Business Development

Tremor Video

Justin Beere

FourFronts Partnerships Director


Karen Belt

Head of Social and Search Media


David Berenbroick

Managing Director

Brand Advocate

Lyne Bernard

Analytics Technology


Whitney Berns

SVP, Buying and Activation Director

Havas Media

Ron Bernstein

SVP Sales & Operations


Brian Bernstein

VP, Digital Strategy


Mark Bielicky

Business Development

Index Exchange

Len Bilello

Eastern Director Direct and Programmatic Advertising

AutoGuide / VerticalScope

Ricardo Bilton



Chetna Bindra

Product Management, DFP and AdX


Natalie Binns

Digital Strategist


Lucas Black

Product Management


Margaret Boland

Digital Media Analyst, BI Intelligence

Business Insider

Michael Bologna


Modi Media

Daniel Bornstein

SVP, Media Monetization & Operations

Demand Media

Scott Both

Senior Programmatic Technologist

Hearst Magazines

Randi Boublis

Director of Platform Solutions, CPG

Tremor Video

Joel Breen


Effective Student Marketing

John Brodrick

Associate Director, Client Services


Elissa Brown

Media director

Womens marketing

Patrick Callinan

Sales Director


Katie Campbell

Director, Partnerships & Enterprise Services


Ron Campbell

Production Manager

WDA llc

Bengzon Catalina

SVP, Buying and Activations Director, Connexions

Havas Media

Joe Catanzaro

VP, Ad Operations & Strategy

Warner Bros.

Nelson Catarino

Senior Director of Media & Digital Strategy

Simon Property Group

Pranav Chandrasekhar

Head Of Programmatic Sales (AMERS)

Thomson Reuters

Angel Chen

Senior Associate Ad Ops

Universal McCann

Karina Cherfas

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing


Allyson Chew

Partner Management


JeffChi Chi

VP, Monetization

Beachfront Media

Jessica Chung

Partner Management


Jeanine Cicenia

Client finance


Noelle Cleary

VP, Marketing

Tremor Video

Amanda Cohen

VP, Media Planning and Strategy

Simon Property Group

Lainie Cohen



Melissa Colon

VP Account Director

Havas Media

Kathleen Comer

GM, Client Services

The Trade Desk

Bill common


Jun Group

Mark Costa

EVP, Platform & Ad Operations

RUN, Inc

Vanessa Courtright

Senior Product Manager


Sam Cox

VP, Global Partnerships


Joanne Crump

V.P Media Services Director

Active International

Kyle Csik

P&G Global Programmatic Lead

Starcom MediaVest Group

Stephanie Dainow

Business Development

IPG Mediabrands

Aparna Dargar

Product Lead, Programmatic Advertising


Jake Davidow

Head of Search Marketing

JP Morgan Chase

Justin Davis

Product Manager


Jason Davis



Jed Dederick

RVP, Business Development

The Trade Desk

Mac Delaney

Head of Programmatic

Merkle Inc.

Nick DelRe



Jennifer DeMartino

Associate Media Director

PublicisOne Team

Sandy Demitroff

General Manager


Jake Denny

Vice President, Sales

JUICE Mobile

christine dilandro

SVP, Head of Media


Barbara DiMaria

SVP, Medai Activation


Monica Dimperio


Hashtag Lifestyle

Shira Dinour

RVP Sales, East


Levince Dorvil

Digital Camapign manager

Women’s Marketing

Jacqueline Dow

Business Development

IPG Mediabrands

Kathleen Doyle

Sr Digital Media Planner/Buyer

ab+c Creative Intelligence

Deric DSouza

Sr. manager – Digital marketing

Pfizer consumer healthcare

Alan James Edwards



Jodi Elias

Unemployed Former Account Manager


Tobi Elkin

Executive Editor


David Eng



Stephani Estes

VP, Digital Strategy and Implementation Director


Justin Fadgen

VP Business Development

Beachfront Media

Jeremy Fain



Siyun Fan

Director, Product management


Jason Feldman

Director, MasterCard Audiences

MasterCard Advisors

Chris Feo

VP, Data & Strategic Partnerships


Tyler Fishback

Senior Sales Director


Anthony Flaccavento

SVP, CPG and Retail Platform Solutions

Tremor Video

Doug Fleming

Head of AdvancedTV


Tom Fochetta

Vice President, Smart TV Ad Sales


Matthew Fogarty

Director, Americas


Marianne Fowler

Account Director

The Trade Desk

Dan Friedman

SVP Global Corporate Communications

IPG Mediabrands

Anne Frisbie

SVP – Global Brand & Programmatic business


Mike Gaffney

Chief Revenue Officer


Brian Gallagher

Chief Sales Officer

Southern Cross Austereo

Joseph Gangemi

Manager – FP&A

News Corp

Cavin Gayle

Publisher Development


Mb Gazzale

Associate Director


Blandine Genix

SVP Digital

Media Assembly

Linda Gharib

SVP Global Digital Marketing


Robert Gibbs

SVP, Global Digital


james gilbert

Director of Content

Campbell Soup Co.

Megan Giudice

Sr. Display Manager

SmarterTravel (TripAdvisor)

Kathryn Glass

Head of Programmatic Partnerships


David Glicksman

Director Digital Strategy

Horizon Media Inc.

Kartal Goksel

Chief Technology Officer


Kristina Goldberg

Vice President, Programmatic

Starcom MediaVest

Andrew Goldberg

VP, Digital & Programmatic Media Sales


Matt Goldstein

Publisher Development Director


Avi Goldwerger

VP of Marketing

Integral Ad Science

Anne Goodman

Senior VP Marketing Ad Sales, BBC Worldwide

BBC Worldwide

Nate Gosselin

Sr. Product Marketing Manager


Ernestine Grant

Account Manager

The New York Times

Lauren Grant

Connexions Director

Havas Media

Jade Graves

Director of Programmatic Sales


Joni-Lee Green

Manager, Programmatic Advertising


Felicia Greiff



Bruno Guerrero

Director, Programmatic Products

Ayuda Media Systems

Matt Guerri

Director of Interactive Media


Brian Hamilton

Sr Dir Ad Operations


Daniel Harrison

VP National Sales


Joe Hayden

Sr. Manager, Programmatic & Revenue Platforms

U.S. News and World Report

Marc Heller

Associate,Ad Operations


Daniel Henriksen

Senior Account Manager


Sudhi Herle

Chief Product Officer


Tom Herman



Marc Heuberger

Online Marketing Manager

B&H Photo

Paul Hindle



Alexandra Hinz

Director of Digital Media Practice

JL Media

Amanda Hochfelsen

Manager, Programmatic


Jim Hodgkins

Managing Director


Walt Horstman



Ryan Hotaling

Publisher Development Manager


Vivian Huang

Senior Associate, Ad Operations


Peter Hung



Nick Illobre

Director, Enterprise Media Solutions


Imdad Islam

Sr. Director, IT


Andy Jacobson

V.P. of Sales


Tiffany Johnson

Associate Director, Technology


Todd Johnson

Sales Director


Erica Johnson

Associate Director, Digital Ad Operations


Cahle Johnson

Tech Operations Associate


Adam Johnson

SVP, Sales

Social Reality

Lijo Joseph

Senior Director-Performance Media

Beeby Clark+Meyler

Scott Joslin

VP Marketing Solutions


Carl Kalapesi

VP, Global Strategy Development and Operations


Mark Kalus

VP Product, Platform Solutions

Tremor Video

Julie Kandel

Senior Partner, Director of Digital Campaign Management

GroupM Connect

Stephanie Kang

eCommerce Growth Marketing Lead


Adam Kasper

Chief Media Officer

Havas Media

keren katz

programmatic lead


Dovid Katz

Senior Director of Demand Facilitation


Patrick Keane



Hava Kelman

VP, Business Development

Tremor Video

Randy Kilgore

The Kilgore Media Group


Jonathan Kim

Programmatic Partnerships Manager


Kristina Klaffenboeck

Global Strategic Supervisor


Emily Knight

Programmatic Business Development Director


Adam Koppelman

VP, Director of Media Trade

Active International

Jt Kostman

Chief Data Officer

Time Inc.

Matt Kramer

Director of Programmatic Video Investment

Accuen Media

Jillian Kranz

Business Development, Director


Liam Kristinnsson

Programmatic Data Analyst

U.S. News and World Report

Brian Kroll

VP Sales & Strategic Accounts

AdTaxi / Digital First Media

Kerri Krom

Research Director

Women’s Marketing, Inc.

Susan Krulic

Manager, Leisure Tourism

Singapore Tourism Board

Josh Kruter

VP, Digital Products

Clear Channel Outdoor

Ken Lagana

Senior Vice President of Sales

CBS Interactive

Michael Lampert

SVP, NY Media & Account Management


John Laramie

Chief Executive Officer


Curt Larson

Vice President, Product


Joseph Lavan



Fanny Lawren

Director of Interactive Media

L3 Advertising

Andres Leal

Manager, Advanced Digital Solutions


Michele Lee

Area Director, Americas

Singapore Tourism Board

Kevin Lenane

General Manager, Video

Integral Ad Science

Bea Leung


Planet Pentia

Jenna Levine

Programmatic Account Specialist

Scripps Networks Interactive

Robin Levine

Director, Programmatic Ad Sales

Scripps Networks Interactive

George Levitte

Product Manager


Felicia Lewis

Associate Digital Media Director

d exposito & partners

Yvonne Lienhard

Digital Sales Director

Valassis Digital

Carrie Lindsay

Digital Marketing Manager

J.P. Morgan Chase

Eric Litman

SVP Mobile Worldwide


Emily Liu

Director, Seller Accounts

Rubicon Project

Ethan London

Digital Activation

Publicis One Team

Veronica Luik

Group Planning Director


Kris Magel



Nikhil Malgatti

Business Leader


Mike Manzi

Sales Director


David Manzo



Matt Marceau

Ad Operations


Stan Martin

Customer Relations Specialist


Benjamin Masse

SVP & GM, Advertising

Triton Digital

Marshall Massey

Head of Programmatic Solutions


April Matteotti

VP, Digital


Erin Matts

Chief Marketing Officer


Yvette Mayer

EVP Director

Starcom MediaVest Group

Levi McConnell

Vice President


Aisling McDonagh

RVP Sales


Edward McGarrigle

Manager, Digital Ad Ops and Programmatic


Kathy McGrath

SVP, Director of Digital Trade

Active International

Arthur Mckinley

Head of North America


Dave Mcnichol

Assist Dir ECommerce


Joe Melndez

Programmatic Solutions Manager


Valerie Mercurio

Client Services Delivery Manager

Dun and Bradstreet

Amelia Merritt

Partner Management


Robyn Meyers

Sales Director


Thomas Miano

Manager, Analytics

NBC Universal

Jimmy Michaels

Associate Programmatic Manager


Monica Mijaleski


News Corp

Karen Milke

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Mars USA

Amarachi Miller

Director, Product Management

Mastercard Advisors

Bryan Mongeau

Vice President Technology

BroadSign International, LLC

John Montgomery


GroupM Connect

Michael Moreau

Chief Solutions Officer


Brian Morris

Business Development


Dr.Abbey Muneer,phd

IT Director

Hotw Family Funds

Shari Munoz

VP, Group Partner

Universal McCann

Sarah Murphy

SVP, Strategist


Dan Murphy

SVP Audience Measurement & Analytics


James Murphy

Vice President, Programmatic Sales


Matt Muschetto

Director, Sales

Optimatic Media

Liane Nadeau

AD, Platform Lead


adarsh namala

Tech lead


Ken Napolitano

Chief of Staff


Louise Ng

Director of Marketing


Van Ngo

Trading Manager


Kevin Noonan

Sr. Consultant

NBC Universal

Jim Norton

Global Head of Media Sales


Sam Nunez

VP, Product


Jessica Nussbaum

Global Solutions Lead – DoubleClick


Michael O’Brian



Robert O’Brien

Manager, Analytics Technology


Kevin O’Donnell

Director of Monetization


Sasha Olivares

Senior Digital Media Planner/Buyer

d exposito & Partners

Stefan Ortiz

Associate, Ad Operations

UM Worldwide

Stephanie Pansini

Sr. Manager Digital Sales Strategy

Comcast Media 360

Kinjal Parikh



Sahil Patel



Howard Patricof

Editorial Staff

Software Magazine

Pam Payne

VP of Media & Measurement


Andrew Pearlman

Digital Trade Specialist

Active International

Melissa Perrier

Associate, Ad Ops

Universal McCann

Michael Persaud

Senior Director of Programmatic Strategy


Kimberly Petrelis

Account Executive

Integral Ad Science

Joshua Pianko

Human Experience Tech Ops Associate


Tyler Pietz

VP, programmatic


Jay Pivec



J. Politi

Director – Global Demand Enablement


Iris Portillo

Senior Manager – Publisher Sales


Dj Ports

VP Business Development


Nicole Potocki

Sr Product Manager


Nina Powderly

Senior Media Analyst


Pilar Prassas

Global Head of AdOps, Bus Dev & Programmatic


Michael Pugh

Senior Manager


Lee Ann Qualls

Media Director

ab+c Creative Intelligence

Michael Quigley

Partner, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Aaron Radin

Senior Vice President, Partnerships and Portfolio Products

NBC Universal

Lisa Ratcliff

Media Director


Alex Rauchman

Programmatic Account Supervisor

Comcast Media 360

Natalie Redberg

Programmatic Media Planner

Jose Reyes

Demand Manager

Smart AdServer USA Inc

Ernie Riemer

Founder & CEO


Wade Rifkin

Head of Programmatic

Clear Channel Outdoor

Darren Riley

SVP Director International Media

Active international

Dwight Ringdahl

SVP Technology


Phil Ripperger

SVP Business Development, Products

IPG Mediabrands

Joe Roberts, Jr.



Jennifer Roche

Senior Sales Consultant


liliana rocio

Executive VP

Hotw Family Funds

Lauren Rodas

Associate Director


Zach Rodgers

Managing Editor


Mark Rogers

Senior Digital Transformation Manager

Nestle Digital

Glenn Roginski

Director, Media & Connections, Pharma/MD&D

Johnson & Johnson

valerie roman

campaign manager


Rudy Rosefort

VP of IT


Charles Rosenberger

Senior Digital Director

MLB Creative

Angie Ruggiero

Director, Business Development


Trace Rutland

Intergrated Media Manager


Jeff Sample

VP/Partner, Ad Operations


Casey Saran

SVP, Product


Justin Saverine

Partner Manager


David Schlink

Head of Branding Sales, North America

Cheetah Ad Platform

Erica Schmidt

Executive Vice President, Managing Director, North America


Eva Schmiedleitner

Manager Interactive Communication

Austrian Tourist Office

Zisha Schnitzler

CMO Digital

B&H Photo

Kristine Sedillo



Jerrold Seeman


Luxcore, Ltd.

Frank Sergi

Digital Marketing Manager

JPMorgan Chase

Sahil Shah

Manager, Programmatic Sales


Yash Shah

Finance Director

News Corp

Kumar Shah

Director – Business Development


Ken Shapiro

Senior Vice President of Sales


Dan Shapiro

Advertiser Technology Group


James Shears

GM, Advanced TV

The Trade Desk

Guy Sheffer

VP Customer Delivery


Tom Shields

Senior Vice President, Publisher Strategy


Mike Shields


The Wall Street Journal

Ashley Shuey

senior media manager

ab+c creative intelligence

Rebekah Shufelt

Special Projects

Young & Rubicam

Steve Siegel

Senior Director, Strategic Relationships


Jane Sikorjak

Account Manager


Justin Simon

VP Business Development


Tim Sims

VP of Inventory Partnerships

The Trade Desk

Dan Slivjanovski



Neil Smith

Vice President, FourFronts Premium Marketplace


Kelley L. Smith

Manager, Technology & Activation Group


Julie Smith

User Experience Designer


crystal snee

VP, AD – Platform Media

Hill Holliday

Elana Sofko

VP, Digital Business Development & Operations


Julian Soler

Senior Director, Marketing

JUICE Mobile

Sameer Sondhi

VP & GM Business Development

InMobi Inc

Stefanie Spanfeller

Publisher Development


David Stark

Manager of Interactive Media


Jaclyn Steinhart

Senior Director, Media and Digital Strategy


Marc Steir

VP, East Coast Sales


Frank Stinton


Beachfront Media

Ben Streiter

VP, Media Operations


Virginia Suhr

Digital Media Director

LoBo & Petrocine Marketing Communications

Kristin SullivanStoesser

VP Advertiser Solutions and Sales


Marie Svet

Chief Global Revenue Officer

AccuWeather, Inc.

Neil Sweeney

President, CEO

JUICE Mobile

Jeffrey Szuba

VP, Analytics Technology


Esther Tak

Director, Digital

Active International

Heather Talty

Manager, Ad Operations

Universal McCann

Lionel Tepper

Managing Editor

ScreenMedia Daily

guillaume thfoin

VP of Product & Head of Ad Tech


Chris Thomas

Sales Director, East Coast

Integral Ad Science

Bradley Timmers

Senior Product Manager

Integral Ad Science

Jason Tollestrup

Director, Programmatic Advertising & Business Intelligence

Washington Post

Yusuke Tomizawa

Senior Digital Marketing Analyst

Consumer Reports

Wen Too



Monica Tran

Sr. Digital Negotiator

Orion Trading

Nikos Tsagaroulis

Senior Partner, Director Programmatic Optimizations, Analytics and Data

GroupM Connect

Michael Turcotte

Executive Director, Addressable Media

JP Morgan Chase

A’ngelique Tyree

Global Strategy Associate

Starcom Mediavest Group

Al Urbanski

Senior Writer

Direct Marketing News

Kevin Vail

Sr. Associate AdOps

Universal McCann

Jake Vaysman

Manager, TAAG


Anatoly Veltman

Chief Global Analyst

M3 Capital

Dawn Vezirian

Director, FP&A

News Corp

Ashley Vincent

Senior Media Planner


David Waldman

Director, Publisher Sales

Tremor Video

Jessi Walker

Communication Strategist


Ruud Wanck


GroupM Connect

Matthew Ward

Director, Digital Marketing

LG Mobile

Timothy Ware

VP Mobile and Connected TV Sales

Tremor Video

Mark Watson

Managing Director

MW Associates International

Alison Weissbrot



Stephen Whiteside

Reports Editor


David Wigder

Head of Insights, Performance and Data Strategy


Kirsten Williams

Associate Director, Programmatic

Carla Wilson

Sr. Director, Visa Performance Solutions


Kayla Wilson

Senior Partner Manager, Global Alliances & Programmatic


Menashe Wodinsky

Programmatic Lead

B&H Photo

Michael Wong

VP Business Development


Ramy Yared



Kristen Yraola

VP, Digital Marketing


Denise Zaraya

VP, Agency Development

Integral Ad Science

Leigh Zarelli Lewis

Senior Vice President, Consumer Brands

HMH Publishing Company

Joe Zawadzki



Cyndi Zhong

Activation Insights


Danny Zhu

Senior Manager, Programmatic


claudio zibenberg

media manager


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