IAB Ad Operations Summit
IAB Ad Operations Summit
IAB Ad Operations Summit

1-alanna_gombertAlanna Gombert, Senior Vice President, Technology & Ad Operations, IAB, and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, welcomed a full room of ad operations and ad tech professionals to the 2016 IAB Ad Operations Summit in New York City for a packed day of discussions about transparency, accountability, and the future of digital advertising and ad operations. She opened the floor by saying that advertising is a storytelling medium that combines art and stories. Then Gombert announced the launch of the IAB Technology Compliance Program that validates the accurate implementation of protocols and industry standards such as VPAID, VAST, MRAID, and OpenRTB. She also congratulated LogoBar on receiving the first IAB Tech Lab seal of approval for their adherence to VPAID and VAST.

2-groupmNext, Susan Schiekofer, Chief Digital Investment Officer, GroupM U.S., and Sarah Warner, Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video, GroupM, joined Gombert on stage for a fireside chat about the buyer’s point of view (POV). Schiekofer and Warner explained what GroupM is doing to embrace best practices and to build trust in the supply chain, providing GroupM’s position on viewability and how the agency is looking at normalizing the media cross-channel, from video standards for mobile and display to social media. To measure digital video in the same context as broadcast television with user-generated views, they had to normalize the math through viewability, comparing publishers’ performance in terms of viewable impressions that are “in demo.” Objective measurement across partners allow clients to feel sound about their investment. GroupM is also part of the Coalition for Better Ads and supports the LEAN initiative for Light, Encrypted, AdChoices supported, Non-disruptive ads.  The agency is working with brands to ensure the adoption of ad blocking doesn’t rise by advocating for leaner, lighter ads that drive better yield, higher performance, faster ad load, and improved user experience.


Then Kelly Petersen, Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy, Tremor Video, and Clyde Smith, Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology, FOX Network Engineering and Operations, took the stage to address the future of VPAID and VAST in digital video and TV convergence. As viewing habits evolved, the convergence of digital video and TV became inevitable. The industry executives weighed in on how VPAID and VAST 4.0 enable more rapid evolution and shed light on what new technologies and measuring capabilities can ensure success. Per Smith, if you can’t measure it, you can’t monetize it. Digital video ads need to look as clear and crisp on a full screen in the living room as on a computer screen. Normalizing and balancing the consumer experience across all screens. Smith also talked about the spectrum crunch and mobile as a first-tier signal while we merge online with the broadcast world. And Petersen recommended to mandate the adoption of VAST 4.0 across buyers and publishers, even if it takes time to implement.

4-zaneis-fellowsThere are many estimates about how much ad fraud is expected to cost the industry. But how do you quantify the value of a clean and transparent supply chain? Steve Sullivan, Vice President, Partner Success, Index Exchange, Mitchell Weinstein, Senior Vice President, Ad Operations, IPG Mediabrands, and Mike Zaneis, President and CEO, Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), talked about the value of a clean supply chain. The three industry experts discussed various anti-fraud initiatives and the impact of the Media Rating Council (MRC)’s Invalid Traffic Guidelines, as well as collaborative strategies for the ecosystem to combat this type of criminal activity. Weinstein also addressed the challenges of buying clean programmatic inventory and finding a balance between media efficiency, lower CPM, and reaching the target audience. Weinstein said that IPG Mediabrands are now asking publishers to disclose the source of their inventory and demand more transparency from programmatic open market, direct buys, and private marketplaces. The industry at the macro level has a suite of solutions, such as TAG.

5-brbBrendan Riordan-Butterworth, Senior Director, Product, IAB Tech Lab, provided an update on LEAN Principles, DEAL tactics, and execution. LEAN is a path to a promise between the publisher and the audience coming to their site. The IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio and the new dynamic content ad standard both incorporate the LEAN criteria and LEAN ad principles. The IAB Tech Lab is working with the Coalition for Better Ads and reviewing research and data-driven consumer testing. Riordan-Butterworth encouraged all the professionals in the room to join the group.

6-nick_rockwellThen Nick Rockwell, Chief Technology Officer, The New York Times, talked about ad innovation and how The New York Times recently launched Flex Frame ads, its new cross-platform ad product, in an effort to improve user experience for both marketers and consumers. The New York Times has been reinventing its display advertising offering with bigger, better ads. Mobile in particular was a major trigger and primary inspiration for the change. Desktop is a less challenging canvas, but can still be improved. Native and high impact advertising inspired by the newsroom are working best. Rockwell presented native forms and functions completely integrated into the user experience such as Flex Frame, Autoplay Video, 360 and Panoramic Stills, and Distributed Point of Discovery on Mobile. On desktop, The New York Times team is taking full advantage of the canvas, promoting actual native content and making it fully responsive cross platforms. They are testing and experimenting with different solutions. And it is working. They have observed significant lift in engagement and response with those responsive ads.

7-tapad-yahooJames Deaker, Vice President of Revenue Management and Ad Policy, Yahoo, and Kate O’Loughlin, Senior Vice President, Media Business, Tapad, addressed cross-device measurement and how the industry is using deterministic and probabilistic modeling—and, in some cases, a hybrid of the two—to work toward creating comparable, viewable, and optimizable metrics that are not only transparent and accountable, but also maintain consumer privacy and provide scale and accuracy. Both industry experts dove into an exploration of cross-device technology used for measurement, including technical limitations and how to overcome them. O’Loughlin started by providing a quick history of the cross-screen evolution over the past few years and explaining how omni-channel is different from cross-screen. Deaker and O’Loughlin also talked about cross-screen attribution challenges at the household level, device level, and IP address level. There is a shared responsibility from ad execution to ad server, viewability provider, and cross-screen attribution – all pipes need to work together and provide transparency on how good the data is. The opportunity is huge but requires efforts.

8-cbs-google-sonobiSam Cox, AdX Group Product Manager, Buyside and Policy, Google, Anthony Katsur, President, Sonobi, and Jason White, Vice President of Programmatic Revenue, CBS Interactive, led a session about header bidding: fact or fiction? While many publishers have implemented header bidding, many are still struggling with weighing the costs and benefits of the technology. The industry experts discussed how much more incremental revenue is gained with header bidding and if this is worth the added page load time. Being able to call multiple demand sources and capture proper trading without latency is key. They also addressed direct guaranteed sold campaigns, programmatic non-guaranteed, tiering, waterfalls, latency, and page load issues, as well as how to build a sustainable ecosystem between buyer, publisher, and user. Header bidding is the most disruptive thing since the invention of the ad server, the goal is to make senior marketers understand the value in spite of the complexity in yield management – direct, PMP, and other deals. This is still a fragmented market with no unified view yet. Bringing inventory into a programmatic buying space should help marketers maximize their yield.

9-data_rockstarsPatrick Dolan, Executive Vice President and COO, IAB, and the IAB Data Center of Excellence announced the winners of the 2016 Data Rockstar Awards, recognizing professionals who have demonstrated excellence, creativity, and a forward-thinking approach to solving problems in data science. Prasad Chalasani, Senior Vice President, Data Science, MediaMath; Angelina Eng, Vice President, Media Platforms & Operations, Merkle; Kelly Leger, Vice President, Publisher Addressable Marketplaces, Merkle; Madhusudan Therani, Chief Technology Officer, Near; and Evan Wallach, General Manager, Online Data, Epsilon, were the five 2016 Data Rockstars. You can read more about the award, view the winners’ profiles, and nominate the next Data Rockstars at www.iab.com/datarockstars.

10-helmreich-silverDave Helmreich, Chief Operating Officer, LiveIntent, and Robert Silver, Senior Vice President, Head of National Media, Razorfish, addressed the challenges with data reconciliation and quality. Quality audience data is the key that unlocks better, more targeted consumer interactions, at the same time providing a competitive advantage to those with access to this information. But with the increased amount of first-, second-, and third-party data comes an increased amount of segmentation and likelihood of discrepancies between vendors and internal sources, a higher level of required governance, and greater concern about consumer privacy. The marketplace and the marketing technology landscape are evolving and data has exploded with infinite capabilities. However, more data also means more devices, more measurement, and potentially more issues with verification. Are you reaching your audience, pre-bid, and/or predictive value on inventory? This is a balancing act – the agency wants freedom and flexibility when building target – yet needs to work with other providers to manage the complexity and the execution of the data integration on the operations side.


George Ivie, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, Media Rating Council, started the two-part session about Digital’s New Currency by providing an update on the state of the market, including insights into an audience-based currency standard to facilitate cross-media comparisons. Ivie gave a short history of the evolution of digital measurement by the Media Rating Council (MRC) and Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS). Prior to June 2014, digital measurement was based on served impressions, then in 2015 the industry moved to viewable impressions and discussed viewability reconciliation between vendors, and now this is also about key engagement metrics.


In the second part about Digital’s New Currency, Jonah Goodhart, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Moat, and Julian Zilberbrand, Executive Vice President, Audience Science, Viacom, provided an update on how the industry is navigating the complexity of digital’s new currency, and discussed whether time-based measurement is here to stay. Then Goodhart recommended to think of currency (what you transact on) and measurement (transparent information) as two separate things, and tracking duration for clients should also be part of the currency discussion. Duration is already part of the viewability metric.


In the last session of the day, Andre De Castro, CEO and Co-Founder, Blockchain of Things, Inc. explained the promise of blockchain technology and showed how it can be applied to the ever-changing digital media landscape.

Following a networking break, the audience broke into three IAB Town Halls where they were encouraged to pose questions, share experiences, and exchange ideas to walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The town halls covered the following topics:

Attendees engaged in spirited discussion and debate on those hot topics in digital operations in open forums to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions. The day finished with a networking cocktail reception.


8:00 am - 9:00 am

Networking Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am - 9:15 am

Opening Remarks

9:15 am - 9:45 am

The Buyer POV

In this fireside chat, hear what GroupM is doing to embrace best practices for building trust in the supply chain today.

9:45 am - 10:15 am

The Future of VPAID and VAST in Digital Video and TV Convergence

As viewing habits evolved, the convergence of digital video and TV became inevitable. Industry executives weigh in on how VPAID and VAST 4.0 enable more rapid evolution and shed light on what new technologies and measuring capabilities can ensure success.

10:15 am - 10:45 am

The Value of a Clean Supply Chain

There are many estimates about how much ad fraud is expected to cost the industry. But how do you quantify the value of a clean supply chain? Industry experts discuss various anti-fraud initiatives and the impact of the MRC’s Invalid Traffic Guidelines, as well as collaborative strategies for the ecosystem to combat this type of criminal activity.

10:45 am - 11:15 am

Networking Break

Sponsored By: IAB Ad Operations Summit 14
11:15 am - 11:30 am

Update on LEAN and Coalition for Better Ads

11:30 am - 11:45 am

Ad Innovation

The New York Times recently launched Flex Frame ads, its new cross-platform ad product, in an effort to improve user experience for both marketers and consumers. Learn about the technology supporting these new ads, how they are performing, and what’s in store for the future of ad innovation.

11:45 am - 12:15 pm

Cross-Device Measurement

How is the industry using deterministic and probabilistic modeling—and, in some cases, a hybrid of the two—to work toward creating comparable, viewable, and optimizable metrics that are not only transparent and accountable, but also maintain consumer privacy? Industry experts dive into an exploration of cross-device technology used for measurement, including technical limitations and how to overcome them.

12:15 pm - 1:15 pm

Networking Lunch

1:15 pm - 2:00 pm

Header Bidding: Fact or Fiction?

While many publishers have implemented header bidding, many are still struggling with weighing the costs and benefits of the technology. How much more incremental revenue is gained, and is it worth the added page load time? Industry experts weigh in.

2:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Data Rockstar Awards

The IAB community recognizes excellence, creativity, and a forward-thinking approach to solving problems in data science. Be there to celebrate your friends and colleagues for being the best at what they do.

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm

Data Reconciliation and Quality

Quality audience data is the key that unlocks better, more targeted consumer interactions, at the same time providing a competitive advantage to those with access to this information. But with this increased amount of first-, second-, and third-party data comes an increased amount of segmentation, the likelihood of discrepancies between vendors and internal sources, a higher level of required governance, and greater concern about consumer privacy. Learn where the marketplace is evolving.

2:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Digital’s New Currency: Part 1

George Ivie provides an update on the state of the market, including insights into an audience-based currency standard to facilitate cross-media comparisons.

3:00 pm - 3:15 pm

Digital’s New Currency: Part 2

Learn how the industry is navigating the complexity of digital’s new currency, and discover whether time-based measurement is here to stay.

3:15 pm - 3:45 pm

The Promise of Blockchain

Discover blockchain technology and learn how it applies to the ever-changing digital media landscape.

3:45 pm - 4:15 pm

Networking Break

Sponsored By: IAB Ad Operations Summit 14
4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Town Halls

Pose Questions. Share Experiences. Exchange Insights. Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Town Halls tap into this energy by creating interactive experiences focused on hot topics in digital operations.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions. Drinks will be served.

4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Measuring What Matters: Are We Losing Sight of ROI?

Room 406

The availability of granular data at scale enables us to deliver ads that are viewable to the right consumer on the right platform at the right time – with the right message. But with this intense focus on ad delivery, have we lost sight of ROI? How do we prove that our targeting and validation efforts actually increase advertising effectiveness? This town hall discussion focuses on challenges and best practices for ensuring that activation efforts generate tangible results.

Discussion points include:

  • How does investing in interest-based targeting and ad validation drive advertising effectiveness?
  • How do advertisers deliver custom messages without undermining reach?
  • Beyond ensuring that impressions are viewable and free from fraud, how can we optimize for better campaign lift in-flight?
  • What techniques and technologies have the greatest impact on improving overall campaign ROI?

Sponsored By: comScore
4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

The Next Evolution of Header Bidding

Room 404

Header bidding burst upon the industry with promises to increase revenue for adopters. Over the last year, the relationship between buyer, seller, and intermediaries has been disrupted. This session explores the challenges and opportunities.

Discussion points include:

  • What are the actual upsides, and what turns out to be the biggest risks for header bidding?
  • Given the rapid pace of development to header bidding tactics, and the cost of adopting a new ad technology, some companies may be hesitant to adopt now. Are the current header bidding technologies mature, or at least future-proof?
  • Header bidding started out requiring parallel requests be made from the web browser, but recent implementations offload this. What additional complexity is introduced with this move to server-side, and how does the infrastructure of audience and impression measurement need to evolve to keep up?

Sponsored By: Index Exchange 2
4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Adopting the IAB New Ad Portfolio: Creating a Better User Experience

Room 402

The IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio recognizes the diversity of digital media experiences and presents a shift in ad specs and a change in mindset – from fixed sizes ad specs with the current standard ad units to flexible and responsive aspect-ratio based creative canvas with the new ad portfolio. The IAB New Ad Portfolio will allow for flexible size ads to adapt easily across screens and for faster loading, non-intrusive advertising based on the LEAN Guidelines. During this town hall, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges that can be anticipated from this transition to the IAB New Ad Portfolio next year.

Discussion points include:

  • How do the new flexible ad sizes impact ad creative production and ad placements across different screen sizes and resolutions from mobile phones to large desktops?
  • What are your main concerns and/or the key elements to address during the transition to the IAB New Ad Portfolio?
  • What will be the business impact of discontinuing certain ad sizes and functionalities (e.g. auto-expand)?

Presented By:
IAB Ad Operations Summit 15

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Networking Cocktail Reception

More speaker announcements coming soon!

Sam Cox 1
  • Sam Cox
  • AdX Group Product Manager, Buyside and Policy
  • Google

Sam Cox is the Group Product Manager for AdX Buyers and Exchanges at Google. He and his team focus on making AdX the best environment for buyers to transact their digital media budgets. Prior to Google Sam was the head of Global Partnerships at MediaMath, responsible for Exchange, Publisher and Data partnerships, where he oversaw the development of Programmatic Guaranteed offerings, expanded the Deal practice by over 400% and launched Programmatic Print. Sam was part of the team at LiftDNA responsible for developing multi-exchange header bidding for publishers over 6 years ago, a concept he developed while running Milabra, a deep learning company focused on improving ad performance by visually relating ads to their surrounding visual environment.

Sam received his BA with Honors from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and his MBA from Cass Business School in London, UK. Sam is an avid sailor and is also known to live in a tent on the weekends.

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Andre De Castro
  • Andre De Castro
  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Blockchain of Things, Inc.
  • @blockchainOT

Andre De Castro is the CEO and Co-Founder of Blockchain of Things, Inc. He is a long-time crypto currency specialist who has an expert’s insight as to the field’s potential and is working towards making that potential a reality. Andre has been an active participant in the Bitcoin community and industry since 2010.

Andre’s experience includes being a software developer, investor, trader, advisor, and US policy influencer. He is an avid public speaker and panelist for financial technology events including GE Global Research, Perkins Coie, Wedbush, and the NY Bitcoin Center. His early grasp of the unrealized potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize multiple sectors of the industry led him to found Blockchain of Things in 2014, and drive the development of the Catenis EnterpriseTM platform.

Andre graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, earning a B.S. in Computer Science, with concentration in artificial intelligence. A prolific inventor, he is the holder of two U.S. patents that streamline the installation of electronic products in automotive circuits.

  • Social:
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James Deaker 1
  • James Deaker
  • Vice President of Revenue Management and Ad Policy
  • Yahoo
  • @jamesdeaker

James Deaker is Vice President of Revenue Management and Ad Policy at Yahoo. He is responsible for advertising and data policy, search and display marketplaces, pricing and yield management. James is also chair of the IAB Ad Operations Council.

Prior to joining Yahoo, James led the Monetization Excellence group at Microsoft. Previously, he was Vice President of Advisory Services at San Francisco-based software company, Rapt Inc., which was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

James holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering-Economic Systems and Operations Research from Stanford University.

  • Social:
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Trevor Fellows
  • Trevor Fellows
  • Executive Vice President & Global Head of Advertising Sales
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • @Tfellows1

Trevor Fellows is Executive Vice President and Global Head of Advertising Sales for The Wall Street Journal, overseeing salespeople, marketers and content creators around the world. He assumed this role in October 2013.

Previously, Mr. Fellows served as Bloomberg’s head of global media sales in the U.S. and the U.K. and was also head of TV distribution and ad sales for EMEA and Asia. Prior, Mr. Fellows was the Associate Publisher of Institutional Investor magazine and before that served in the British Army’s Parachute Regiment.

  • Social:
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Jonah Goodhart
  • Jonah Goodhart
  • Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Moat
  • @moat

Jonah Goodhart is the CEO and Co-Founder of Moat, a New York based Analytics company focused on driving success for brand marketers and premium publishers. Moat is at the forefront of helping shift digital advertising away from impressions and clicks and toward new models of attention. Jonah was the Founding Investor and Board Member of Right Media (acquired by Yahoo!), Founding Partner of WGI Group, and Co-Founder of Billions.org. Jonah was also a member of Mayor Bloomberg’s Council on Technology and Innovation.

  • Social:
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Auto Draft 85
  • Dave Helmreich
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • LiveIntent

Dave Helmreich is the LiveIntent Chief Operating Officer and manages LiveIntent’s strategic relationships with partners like: Criteo, Oracle, LiveRamp, Google, MediaMath, The Trade Desk and Salesforce, to name a few. Dave has been at the intersection of identity, audience targeting, and media for over ten years. Prior to joining LiveIntent, Dave was the CEO of Audience Partners, an advertising platform that helps marketers target media and advertising across a variety of digital channels. Before that, he also was a key part of industry innovation at TARGUSinfo where he built and launched one of the first audience targeting and data onboarding products for demand-side programmatic platforms. Dave also was the senior vice president and general manager of Neustar’s Media & Advertising business.

Dave is a former Naval Aviator, with a degree in Computer Science from the US Naval Academy and an MBA from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Dave lives in Alexandria, Virginia with his wife, Rachel, and their two children, Claire and Zack.

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George Ivie

George is the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Media Rating Council (MRC), a not-for-profit industry organization created in 1963 at the request of the U.S. Congress to assure high ethical and operational standards in audience measurement services. His background includes almost 30 years of experience in media research auditing, oversight, and consulting. Prior to being appointed the Executive Director of the MRC in January 2000, George was a partner at Ernst & Young and their lead representative and advisor to the MRC, conducting all MRC audits and interacting with MRC management and member organizations. George has a thorough knowledge of research best practices, operations, controls, and information systems in internet, multimedia, print, radio, and television measurement services.

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Anthony Katsur
  • Anthony Katsur
  • President
  • Sonobi

Anthony is President of Sonobi, an independent technology developer that designs digital advertising tools and solutions for the industry’s leading publishers, agencies, brand advertisers, DSPs and media technology providers. With almost 20 years of experience building, operating and leading innovative technology companies, he has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional business results across integrated platforms.

Anthony joined Sonobi in August 2015 as the privately-held company received $10 million in VC funding – poised to exponentially grow by taking its unique service offering to the next level. He most recently served as Head of Buyer Cloud at Rubicon Project where he oversaw all agency, holding company, brand and DSP lines of business including revenue, product and operations. Prior to Rubicon, Anthony was CEO of Maxifier; he previously held the role of GM at MediaMath where he led all aspects of its TerminalOne Marketing Operating System. Anthony joined DoubleClick after selling an early Internet technology startup and quickly rose through the ranks to lead multiple product, client and engineering divisions. He also stretched his entrepreneurial wings as the COO of Panther Express, a global content delivery platform.
An active angel investor and advisor to the marketing tech sector, Anthony is a sought after speaker and his thought leadership has been published in leading publications such as AdExchanger, MediaPost, Econsultancy, Digiday and SmartCEO.

Anthony attended the State University of New York at Albany where he studied biochemistry and criminal justice, but spent most of his time in the UNIX lab. He lives in Port Washington, NY with his wife and young son, who is also a Mets fan.

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Auto Draft 87
  • Kate O'Loughlin
  • Senior Vice President, Media Business
  • Tapad
  • @katieoloughlin

As employee number three at Tapad, Kate has been instrumental in the company’s 70% YoY growth. She worked with Tapad’s founding members in the planning and creation of the company’s proprietary and award winning technology, The Device Graph™.

Now leading the company’s advertising business, Kate oversees Tapad’s Unify Platform, used to serve cross-screen advertising campaigns for marketers. Additionally, she leads product development, sales alignment and customer relationship management. One example is Tapad’s latest innovation, TV Pulse, which launched in June 2015. As the TV Pulse business lead, Kate oversees all initiatives that allow marketers to connect linear television data with digital campaigns — another first-of-its-kind for the industry.

As the head of the Media Business, Kate is an active contributor to the marketing tech space. She has been featured in MediaPost and Adotas, interviewed by industry trades, and has been on-stage with leading automotive brands at Motor City West. Kate was also interviewed and featured on BeetTV. Recently, Kate was named one of the “Top Women in Digital” by Cynopsis Media.

Before Tapad, Kate was a Product Director at MediaMath and a Lockheed Martin Senior Systems Engineer. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering from University of Virginia and a Masters of Science in eBusiness Technology from Carnegie Mellon.

  • Social:
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Kelly Petersen 1
  • Kelly Petersen
  • Senior Vice President, Product and Strategy
  • Tremor Video

As Tremor Video’s Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy, Kelly leads a team of product managers and user experience experts to drive the company’s product vision and strategy, and guide its execution from planning to delivery. She joined Tremor Video in April 2013 with over a decade of experience managing product development and deploying technology solutions into the digital advertising ecosystem across video and display.

She joined Tremor Video from Selectable Media, where she provided strategic direction for their proprietary video ad-serving platform. Prior to that, she held senior product positions at AdKeeper and Donovan Data Systems (now part of MediaOcean). While at Donovan Data Systems, she collaborated with DDS executives, business directors, and their client’s digital media directors to define and execute the product vision for iDesk (now MediaOcean Prisma), a digital media planning and buying platform that is now widely adopted within agencies worldwide.

Kelly holds a B.A. in English, and an M.A. in Rhetoric and Professional Communication from Iowa State University.

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Brendan Riordan-Butterworth 1
  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth
  • Senior Director, Product
  • IAB Tech Lab

Brendan joined the internet revolution in 1998 with MediaHouse, a web analytics and network monitoring company sprung from the ashes of the BBS industry. Since then, he’s walked the fine line between luddite and technology evangelist, privacy advocate and targeting specialist. This has included work with Microsoft in their data collection and behavioral targeting branch, with Greenpeace in their public outreach branch, and with privacy-centric FOSS projects.

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Nick Rockwell
  • Nick Rockwell
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • The New York Times
  • @nsrockwell

Nick is the Chief Technology Officer at The New York Times. Previously he was Chief Technology Officer of Condé Nast, and Digital CTO at MTV Networks. Throughout his career Nick has worked at the intersection of media and the Internet, building digital products for mass audiences. Today he is helping The New York Times transition from one of the news media’s most storied publishers to a truly modern, digital media company.

  • Social:
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Susan Schiekofer
  • Susan Schiekofer
  • Chief Digital Investment Officer
  • GroupM U.S.

Susan Schiekofer is the Chief Digital Investment Officer for GroupM U.S. She is responsible for digital trading and implementation across all of GroupM’s agencies including Mindshare, MEC, MediaCom, Maxus, and Essence.

Susan’s digital skill set, coupled with her broader knowledge of trading best practices across all media formats, ensures that GroupM continues to lead the market with the best, most valuable and accountable digital solutions for clients of GroupM agencies.

She is figurative in GroupM’s efforts to improve the integrity of the digital marketplace in the U.S. by championing viewability, anti-fraud safeguards, measurement, and standards.

Schiekofer has been a leader in the digital media space at WPP and GroupM since 1994. She founded the digital media offering at Ogilvy & Mather, which was later rebranded to [email protected], and worked on accounts including IBM, TD Ameritrade and Lenovo, among many others. In 2010, Schiekofer joined MEC to head up the AT&T digital business, and soon became responsible for all of digital at MEC. In July of 2014, she moved to GroupM to lead digital investment for Maxus and MediaCom, and to assume responsibility for all of online video.

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Auto Draft 90
  • Robert Silver
  • SVP, Head of National Media
  • Razorfish

Rob acts as senior vice president, national media lead, overseeing the Razorfish media capability. Rob is an accomplished internet marketing and media professional with proven expertise in creating and managing interactive campaigns for Fortune 500 and start-up companies. He is a 10-year veteran at Razorfish, having led some of its largest media, digital media and marketing relationships including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Bayer, Citi, HSN and others.

Before joining Razorfish, Rob managed online marketing channels, including all paid media and affiliate partners for Insurance.com, the nation’s leading online auto insurance agency. Prior to that, Rob defined the ongoing strategic direction of B-to-C and B-to-B websites as an account director for Agency.com, served as senior marketing strategist at Xcelerate and acted as an e-Business Consultant with IBM Global Services. Rob started his career at Office Max where he helped launch OfficeMax’s e-Commerce capability and was the day-to-day lead for key digital media partners. Rob holds an MBA from The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University and a BS/BA from the University of Florida.

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Clyde Smith
  • Clyde Smith
  • Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology
  • FOX Network Engineering and Operations

Clyde Smith is Senior Vice President, Advanced Technology for FOX Network Engineering and Operations. In this role he supports Broadcast and Cable Networks operating groups in addressing their challenges with new technologies, focusing on standards, regulations.

Prior to joining FOX, he was SVP of global broadcast technology and standards for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

He previously held positions as SVP of Broadcast Engineering Research and Development at Turner and SVP & CTO at Speer Communications.

Following the Challenger Accident he joined a team implementing the presidential investigation board recommendations at the Kennedy Space Center. During his 8 years at the Kennedy Space Center, he supported 48 shuttle missions, three interplanetary probes and numerous Department of Defense initiatives.

Smith supported initiatives that were recognized by The Computer World Honors program with the 2005, 21st Century Achievement Award for Media Arts and Entertainment, as well as an Emmy Award for Pioneering Efforts in the Development of Automated, Server-Based Closed Captioning Systems.

He is a SMPTE Fellow and recipient of the SMPTE Progress Medal, the SMPTE David Sarnoff Medal Award, The SMPTE outstanding service award, The Broadcasting and Cable Technology Leadership award and the Storage Visions Storage Industry Service Award. He is an Honorary Member of the International Association of Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM).

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Sarah Warner
  • Sarah Warner
  • Managing Partner, Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video
  • GroupM

Sarah Warner is Digital Investment Lead, Programmatic and Video at GroupM. In this role, she manages partnerships and investment Strategy for GroupM across programmatic and video. Utilizing the power and sophistication of GroupM’s position in the marketplace, Sarah has negotiated key partnerships with publishers, networks and platforms with complex parameters such as viewability and performance guarantees and Nielsen OCR. Sarah is a trusted partner to GroupM agencies, clients, and vendors thanks to her fair, but direct, approach to deals, her commitment to finding terms that are wins for everyone involved, and her expertise in the digital landscape spanning formats and platforms.

Sarah started her career at 2010, working at The Media Innovation Group (now Xaxis). Prior to her role at GroupM, Sarah was the Vice President of Investments and Partnerships at Xaxis. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Jason White
  • Jason White
  • Vice President of Programmatic Revenue
  • CBS Interactive
  • @jasncwhite

Jason White is the Vice President of Programmatic Revenue for CBS Interactive. Jason has extensive experience in online digital media and marketing, specifically centered on development and implementation of best-of-breed digital strategies for both digital publishers and advertisers. He has proven successful in analyzing consumer behavior trends and implementing both brand, direct response and digital monetization programs with a strong background in strategy, management, sales, marketing and product development. Triple-digit revenue growth through customer acquisition and monetization initiatives can be attributed to White’s work with various Fortune 100 companies and start-ups.

Before CBSi, White was an SVP and GM at OpenX. Prior to OpenX, White was SVP and GM at the FOX Audience Network building the MyAds ad platform, in addition to the third party network and their first RTB exchange, which was among the Top 5 ad networks per ComScore. White has also held roles at Bank of America and LowerMyBills.

Jason serves on the advisory boards of Convertro, TrueCar, and OpenX and graduated from the University of Georgia.

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Auto Draft 86
  • Julian Zilberbrand
  • Executive Vice President, Audience Science
  • Viacom

Julian Zilberbrand is the Executive Vice President of Audience Science at Viacom. Zilberbrand oversees key areas in the data strategy division including: audience onboarding and segmentation, advanced analytics and digital media executions. His team is responsible for the management and aggregation of data across all of Viacom’s media properties. Data is used to inform all aspects of media and programming at Viacom from sales to investment. His team works closely with groups across the organization to help enable a data driven approach to business which is paramount to success in today’s media landscape.

Prior to joining Viacom, Zilberbrand was Executive Vice President of Activation Standards, Insights and Technology at ZenithOptimedia. In this role, he managed the activations standards, digital operations, analytics, technology and strategic partnerships groups. Before joining Zenith, he was SVP, global digital director, strategic partnerships and technology solutions at Starcom Mediavest Group. Prior to joining the agency world in 2004, Zilberbrand held product specialist and client service roles at Eyeblaster and developed the company’s Eyeblaster University training program. Earlier in his career, he worked at Doubleclick as a project manager and technical analyst.

In addition to his work responsibilities, he held advisor roles for the IAB, 4A’s and the iMedia conferences. Zilberbrand is known as a vocal leader in the industry covering a wide array of topics from viewability with the 3MS Blue Ribbon committee to data and general industry trends. From 2013-2014, Zilberbrand chaired the Digital Committee for the Media Ratings Council and was recognized by the organization for his leadership and service. In 2014, he received the AdMonster Digital Media Leadership Award and the Marketers Choice Awards named him the Data, Analytics and Operations Innovator of the year for exemplary leadership in digital marketing.

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