Intrinsic In-Game Measurement Guidelines (Public Comment Closed)

This document is principally applicable to those organizations involved in the gaming industry, and is intended as a guide to accepted practices, as developed by the IAB and MRC. In addition, In-Game Advertising planners and buyers can use this document to assist in determining the quality of measurement. This document does not include aspects of In-Game measurement beyond ad delivery and viewability such as interaction attributes, engagement, and outcomes, although these aspects may be considered as part of future phases of this project.

These guidelines are intended to cover Impression, Viewable Impression and Audience measurement of In-Game Advertising (IGA) ads embedded in computer and video games; typically integrated within computer/console games and mobile games. This includes the following ad formats within applicable environments such as Desktop, Mobile Web, Mobile In-App and Console (inclusive of standalone game systems and Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality [AR/VR] headsets as well as game systems connected to television displays):

  • Dynamic In-Game Advertising (DIGA): Appear inside a 3D game environment, on virtual objects such as billboards, posters, etc., and combine the customization of web banners where ads rotate throughout the play session with the functionality of traditional billboards and posters.
  • Digital Video In-Game Advertising (DVIGA): In-Game Video Ads that are served by an ad server, where ads regularly rotate throughout the play session. As with DIGA, these ads typically appear in a 3D environment or on a billboard and other meaningful in-game placement.
  • Static In-Game Advertising (SIGA): These ads are not changeable and are served by an ad server into an In-Game environment.
  • Hardcoded In-Game Ad Objects: Ads that have not been served by an ad server and can include custom 3D objects or static banners. These ads are planned and integrated into a video game during its design and development stage built into the coding of the game.

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