Advertisers of the West: Jen Sey, Levi Strauss & Co.


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Olympics or Orthopedics

I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast but I didn’t think beyond 18 years of age. At some point I switched to orthopedic surgeon.

Advertising was Accidental

It was during a recession and it was hard to get a job. I knew someone at an advertising agency who graduated a few years before me and I got hired entry level. Sometimes I feel like I’m still waiting to start my real career!

The Advertising Challenge

Cutting through all the noise and standing out in a meaningful way instead of a dumb or gimmicky or stunt-y way.

Contributing to an Icon

I think long and hard about what we do to further the legacy of our brand, which is nearly 150 years old. I want what we do to contribute to the iconic stature, and not diminish the grandeur that is Levi’s.

Standing Apart

Making a personal, real connection with your fans is what sets great brands apart.

Shaping the World

I’m proud of the work we created with Girl Gaze titled I Shape My World, which I will be talking about at NewFronts West. We did a series of films that launched on International Women’s Day featuring women who are shaping the world in big and small ways.

Sharing to Inspire

The films focused on a range of women, from Tarana Burke, the founder of the Me Too movement, to Delaney Tarr, one of the Parkland survivors and a gun safety activist. We did a series of panel discussions across the country in the hope of inspiring other women to shape their world however they can.

Mushy vs. Meaningful

People want to know that the brands they choose to spend their money on share their values. If you stay in the neutral zone, or the mushy middle as I call it, you may get a sale or two but you won’t build a meaningful connection.

San Francisco vs. the World

We’re in a bubble of liberal progressivism here, so we need to work to stay connected to people in the middle of the country, and in other parts of the world.

Favorite Neighborhoods

In San Francisco it’s probably Hayes Valley, and in LA it’s Silver Lake.

Staying Connected

I’m an avid consumer of culture. I read voraciously. I consume news. I go see speakers and plays and music. I do as much as I can to stay connected while raising four children.

Exercising Mindfulness

I go on long walks. That’s my meditation.

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