Advertisers of New York: Kate Huyett, Bombas

Advertisers of New York: Kate Huyett, Bombas 1

The Truth is Out There

I really wanted to be an FBI agent when I was a kid because I was super into the X Files. I also went through a phase where I was really into Absolut and Nike ads and had them all over my walls.

A First Stop in Finance

I thought about going into advertising when I graduated but didn’t. I started my career in finance and liked it but had always been interested in building a company.

Getting into Tech Early

I figured if I’m going to leave to go do this tech start up thing, then I should go really early, so I went to a company that literally had just raised their series A funding.

I Showed Up

They were basically like “Your job is to help us grow. You’re not an engineer, but you know how to use Microsoft Excel, and marketing is pretty analytical, so maybe you should do that.”

Bombas Parts 1 & 2

I was here for a year and then I left for three and a half years and went to a growth stage company to lead their US expansion. But while I was there, I stayed heavily involved with Bombas in an advisory capacity, and eventually rejoined as CMO.

My Elevator Pitch

I work at the sock company where we make the best socks ever; and we donate a pair to those in need for every pair purchased.

The Best Thing About Being In The Sock Business?

Free socks!

A Tangible Product Everyone Knows and Likes

When I give people a pair of our socks they get really excited. Inevitably, they’ll say “these are the best socks I’ve ever owned.” It sounds really simple, but there’s just a lot of joy that comes with socks.

Speaking & Listening at the NewFronts

I was on the panel speaking about Video for Direct Brands, and the presenter who spoke before me talked about localizing video. I laughed because that’s a great idea that we have not really done.

My Favorite Places in NY

I like living in Chelsea, working in the Flatiron district, and eating in the East Village, but I love, love, love Central Park.

The Eclectic View from the High Line

It’s just such an interesting mix of urban and nature, with people from all over the world, so you overhear super interesting conversations. You can see a lot of ads from there and a lot of art. It’s probably one of the most eclectic places in the whole city.

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