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Scott Spencer


Scott Spencer is the Director of Product Management, Sustainable Ads at Google. Scott sets the vision and strategy for Google’s work to create a long-term viable ads ecosystem for publishers, users, and advertisers. Scott and his team develop products that help Google to combat ad fraud, ad spam and malware, and maintain the integrity of broader display network. His team oversees Google’s advertising and publisher policies that help to protect people from harmful, misleading, offensive and annoying ads. As part of those efforts, Scott works with the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group tasked to improve online ad experiences that drive people to install ad blockers and establish an industry-wide standard for ad experiences. In addition, Scott represents Google in industry forums like TAG and the IAB Tech Lab, help to develop and advocate for standards across the industry.

Throughout his time at Google, Scott has worked on nearly every product and platform in Google’s ads portfolio. He played an instrumental role in the development and launch of the DoubleClick Ad Exchange over 10 years ago as well as Google’s acquisition of Invite Media which eventually would become DoubleClick Bid Manager, Google’s demand side platform (DSP).

Before joining Google, Scott was a management consultant at Integral, Inc. providing strategy analysis to fortune 500 companies on Product Development Process and Customer Satisfaction leverage. Scott holds a BS in Economics from MIT.