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‘Summer Skincare Digital Report’ From IAB & Prosper Insights Reveals That Skincare Enthusiasts Have Stronger Online, Mobile & Digital Video Habits Than Average Consumers

Frequent Skincare Buyers Are Twice as Likely to Be Influenced By Online Advertising When Purchasing Beauty Products

New York, NY (July 17, 2013)   With health and beauty brands seeking to reach a target audience of regular skincare and suntan lotion buyers, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released research that shows that this coveted group is much more inclined to engage in online and mobile activities than the average adult, and they are also more prone to regularly view digital video programming. In addition, they are much more influenced in their beauty purchases by internet ads than the average consumer (29% vs. 15%).

Detailed findings are compiled in “The IAB Summer Skincare Digital Report,” based on data from Prosper Insights™, which demonstrates digital’s influence on the lives and purchase behaviors of skincare and suntan lotion enthusiasts:

  • Purchases in general are regularly researched (61% vs. 42%) and made online (50% vs. 29%) by frequent skincare buyers, compared to the general population
  • When it comes to overall purchase decisions, digital ads inspire one in three skincare devotees to search, and they are much more influenced by sponsored search results than the average adult (36% vs. 10%)
  • Shopping is their top online activity and they outpace the general population when it comes to this pastime (63% vs. 51%)
  • Skincare purchasers are more likely than the general population to surf the internet (94% vs. 86%), use web radio (55% vs. 25%) and participate in social media (75% vs. 53%)
  • Regular suntan lotion buyers are more apt to visit the Facebook page of a retailer to find special offers versus the general population (52% vs. 34%)

“The ‘beauty’ of the report’s findings is that it spotlights a tremendous opportunity for marketers to use interactive advertising in new and exciting ways to reach this audience,” said Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics and Measurement, IAB. “Frequent purchasers of skincare and suncare products are heavily immersed in digital media across devices indicating a crucial need for advertisers to make sure digital is a major part of their media mix.”

The report also showed that frequent skincare buyers leverage mobile screens more as well:

  • Skincare enthusiasts are heavier mobile app users than the typical population, with 76 percent purchasing apps versus 57 percent of the general population, and entertainment apps being the most popular (72% among frequent skincare buyers vs. 56% for average adults)
  • One in four (25%) researches beauty products on a mobile connected device, while merely 8 percent do so within the general population
  • Similarly, one in five (20%) have purchased beauty products on their mobile device, in sharp contrast to only 6 percent among average adults
  • Frequent Skincare Buyers’ purchase decisions are ‘greatly influenced’ by digital (50% vs. 27%) and mobile (32% vs. 11%) coupons and many use daily deal sites (71% vs. 52%)

“Mobile devices have increasingly become a vital component to our lives, and certainly this research points to it having a deeper impact on those that frequent the skincare aisle and beauty specialty stores,” said Pam Goodfellow, Consumer Insights Director, Prosper Insights. “Health and beauty brands would be wise to include mobile in their advertising strategy, if they want to influence this highly-targeted and extremely valuable consumer.”

The report found that skincare aficionados are similarly zealous about digital video. They are more likely to subscribe to premium video sites. Half (49%) regularly watch digital video on their desktop or laptop computer, while more than a third (37%) regularly watch digital video on their smartphones or tablets. In comparison, just 22 percent of the general population regularly screens digital video on online platforms and merely 12 percent do so on mobile devices.

“The IAB Summer Skincare Digital Report” includes intelligence from the Media Behaviors & Influence™ Study which polls some 19,000 respondents once a year, The report is the second in an ongoing series of consumer research studies that IAB is producing in conjunction with Prosper Insights.

To read the full report, go here.

IAB used data from Prosper Insights to look at consumer behaviors among a representative group of 19,774 representing the general US Adult 18+ population and was compared to a representative sample of 428 Frequent Skincare Buyers 18 and older. The Prosper Insights survey was conducted online (January 2013) and has a margin of error of less than 1%, at a 99% confidence level.

About Prosper Insights™
Prosper Insights delivers customized timely market intelligence from various sources through its cloud-based technology-driven Integrated Solutions Platform. Solutions are delivered on multiple devices (PC/Tablet/Smartphone) though the InsightCenter™ tool using diverse information sources relevant to clients’ business needs. ProsperDiscovery.com.

About the IAB
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