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New York, NY (December 19, 1996) — The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), a trade organization focused on increasing the use and effectiveness of online advertising, today announced its expanded Board of Directors, with the addition of six new seats.

The newly elected member companies include:

  • @Home Network – Susan Bratton, Director, Interactive Advertising
  • Firefly Network, Inc. – Doug Weaver, Vice President, Advertising Sales
  • Hotwired – Rick Boyce, Vice President and Director of Advertising
  • PC-Meter L.P. – Mary Ann Packo, President
  • Sony Corporation of America – Scott Schiller, Vice President, Marketing and Advertising
  • Women’s Wire\Wire Networks – Gina Garrubbo, Executive Vice President

“We expanded the Board to more effectively represent our growing and diverse membership,” said Rich LeFurgy, Acting Chairman of the Board for the IAB and Vice President of Advertising and Marketing for Starwave Corporation. “We are pleased to welcome these newest members and look forward to their valuable contributions as the IAB continues to raise and address the many issues facing the evolving Internet advertising industry.”

The six new members join the IAB’s nine existing Directors, who include:

  • Rich LeFurgy, Acting Chairman, IAB Board and Vice President of Advertising and Marketing, Starwave
  • Kate Everett-Thorp, Director of Advertising Programs, CNET
  • Molly Ford, Director of Advertising, Infoseek
  • Jed Savage, Vice President of Sales, Juno Online Services, L.P.
  • Paul Lewis, Vice President, Advertising Sales, Prodigy
  • Lynn Bolger, Director of Market Research & Planning, Softbank Interactive Marketing
  • Steve Goldberg, Manager, Advertising Development & Strategy, The Microsoft Network
  • Linda McCutcheon, Director, Advertising Sales & Marketing, Time Inc., New Media
  • Richy Glassberg, Vice President\General Manager, Turner Interactive Marketing & Sales

Elections for the six new Board seats were held during the IAB’s annual Fall General Meeting at Internet World ’96 in New York.

Formed in June of 1996, the IAB includes 140 member companies actively engaged in Internet advertising sales, as well as advertising agencies, traffic and measurement companies, research suppliers and technology and service providers.


Marla Nitke IAB

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