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Steven Rosenblatt, Foursquare


Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence Member Spotlight



As chief revenue officer at Foursquare, Steven oversees strategy and implementation of the company’s monetization products. He built the company’s business marketing and global, national and local sales teams, and helped design the Foursquare Audience Network (FAN), an independent advertising platform that uses Foursquare’s data.

Before joining Foursquare, Steven launched iAd, Apple’s advertising platform for brands and developers.He led advertising sales and strategy for iAd, where he managed sales, account management, agency relations, and the creative and strategy team. Steven served as senior vice president of advertising sales at Quattro Wireless until it was acquired by Apple in January 2010. He has more than fifteen years of experience in digital marketing and advertising.

1. Why did Foursquare join the IAB Mobile Center?

2. How did you personally first get involved in mobile, and what makes this part of the digital world exciting to you?

3. What’s Foursquare learned about using location to make mobile marketing relevant? What should marketers keep in mind?

4. What are the three things you’d prioritize for the IAB in 2015 to maintain mobile’s growth trajectory?


IAB Mobile Center’s Member Spotlight

IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence would not be able to accomplish anything without the amazing and brilliant individuals at member companies who generously share their time, expertise, and insights with us every day.  We launched this spotlight to help share these insights with a broader audience, and to thank these individuals for being leaders in the IAB mobile community.

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