IAB, MMA, and MRC Update Mobile Served Ad Impression Measurement Guidelines

IAB Measurement Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and the Media Rating Council (MRC) have released updates to the guidelines for counting mobile web and mobile in-app served ad impressions. This important update eliminates “count on decision” as an option for reporting served impression counts. MRC Staff have been communicating the need for this change with measurement vendors ever since the initial release of the guidelines, and doing so now helps ensure that counting occurs only after an ad is actually delivered to a mobile app or browser.

It’s important to note that this change is being made independently of the release of the draft mobile viewability guidelines which the MRC released for public comment on April 1. While both establish baseline requirements for counting mobile ad impressions, today’s change is of such fundamental importance MRC, IAB, and MMA agreed it should be instituted separately from the viewability guidelines.

Accredited companies have a 30-day period, starting today and ending on May 4, during which they should update their systems, following which any measurement vendors not in compliance with the new guidelines will be subject to losing MRC accreditation. Any questions regarding auditing and accreditation should be directed toward the MRC staff, while questions about the guidelines or measurement more broadly can be directed toward the MRC, IAB, or MMA.

The new guidelines, Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines Version 2.0 and Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines Version 3.0, can be downloaded from here.

View the IAB Measurement Guidelines