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IAB Co-Sponsors the MRC Social Media Measurement Guidelines; Compiles Key Definitions Guide

The Social Media Ecosystem Report - An IAB and JEGI Study

The IAB Social Media Committee’s main focus in 2015 was working with the MRC on the preparation of the MRC Social Media Measurement Guidelines along with members from the 4As and WOMMA. These guidelines establish definitions and baseline metrics for original content Authorship, subsequent Engagement and resultant Reach. Additionally, they provide guidance for social media coverage and projection, measurement within applications and outside them, measurement of User Generated Content (UGC), collection and use of aggregated social media platform data, filtration, reporting and audit guidelines.

IAB Co-Sponsors the MRC Social Media Measurement Guidelines; Compiles Key Definitions Guide 3


“Social Media Platforms and User Generated Content aggregators are quickly becoming primary avenues for branded or paid content, and therefore establishing uniformity for how we discuss, assess and measure traffic and engagement is critical,” said George W. Ivie, CEO and Executive Director, MRC in the launch press release. “These guidelines are also an important step in the mission of 3MS – Making Measurement Make Sense – toward making the digital ecosystem a more valuable medium for everyone involved in brand advertising.” (3MS is a cross-industry initiative with 4As, IAB and the ANA.)



The guidelines include definitions for key aspects of social media measurement.  It is important that the industry – both buy and sell side – use the same definitions to avoid confusion. For ease of reference, the IAB Social Media Committee compiled the definitions into a separate guide. (Click image to open link)

IAB Co-Sponsors the MRC Social Media Measurement Guidelines; Compiles Key Definitions Guide 1








We encourage the industry at-large to review the MRC Social Media Guidelines and use the definitions contained therein consistently.  By doing so, we will be in a better position to understand the impact of social media activity (paid/owned/earned) as part of a brand’s marketing spend.

Moving forward into 2016, we expect to do deeper dives into topics presented in the MRC social measurement document and also to explore use of social media by vertical under the leadership of Committee co-chairs, Carine Roman from LinkedIn and Christine Cuoco from Twitter.  (Thank you, ladies, for your thought leadership, strategic insights and time.)  This committee will also continue to participate with the Native Advertising/Content Committee initiatives as applicable given the importance of social in the native landscape.

For more information about the IAB Social Media Committee, contact Susan Borst ([email protected]).


Susan Borst
Head of Social and Content Marketing Solutions
at IAB