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Ad Spending in Southeast Asia

Ad Spending in Southeast Asia 1

In collaboration with IAB Singapore, eMarketer’s first ever digital ad spend forecast for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, predicts double-digit growth in 2017 as the consumer demand for mobile, video and social drives up spend.

The forecast shows that digital ad spending across the six Southeast Asian markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam plus Hong Kong and Taiwan varies significantly.

In Singapore to date, ad spend on traditional media has been dominant but in 2017, digital will account for 23.8% of media budgets climbing by 18.0% to reach $376.5 million. eMarketer predicts that investment on digital channels in Singapore will see strong growth in the coming years with mobile accounting for $404.6 million, or 4 out of every 5 digital ad dollars by 2020.

Along with Singapore, advertisers in Taiwan and Hong Kong have also been embracing consumer digital adoption. In 2017 digital spend will account more than 20.0% of overall media budgets in Hong Kong growing to 24.0% by 2020. In the case of Taiwan more than two-fifths (40.4%) of total ad spend in 2017 will be digital – the highest proportion of all the countries forecasted.

At the other end of the spectrum, advertisers in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Vietnam have a lower digital share of total ad spend compared to the other countries forecasted. eMarketer expects that digital ad spending will account for less than 20% of overall media investment in 2017 in these markets.

However, by 2020, digital ad spend in these markets is expected to account for up to 25% of overall media spend. The growth trajectory is representative of government dedication to connectivity locally and globally.

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