The OTT Co-Viewing Experience: 2017

The OTT Co-Viewing Experience: 2017 2

The IAB Digital Video Center of Excellence has identified OTT/Connected TV as one of its research priorities in 2017. During the first half of 2017, the IAB Digital Video Center released the Video Content Discovery Study and the Changing TV Experience Study to understand the awareness and discovery patterns of video content across platforms, including OTT/Connected TV, and specifically the adoption, usage and attitudes towards OTT/Connected TV.

To continue building this OTT/Connected TV research program, the IAB Digital Video Center, in collaboration with Freewheel, Hulu, and Roku, conducted this primary research study to focus on understanding the co-viewing behavior on OTT and its benefits to brands, such as incremental reach and advertising effectiveness. In addition, the research aims to compare . . .

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