Mobile Rising Stars Ad Interaction & Effectiveness Study

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Mobile advertising has doubled in one year to reach $3.4B in 2012. However, marketers are still learning how to use the medium most effectively. Vibrant Media in collaboration with the IAB commissioned comScore to undertake research to examine the effectiveness of the new IAB Mobile Rising Stars creative ad units.

This study examines the role of interaction on mobile ad effectiveness and in driving brand health metrics. This is further illustrated by comparing the interaction rates of the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad units, as implemented by Vibrant, to standard mobile ad units.

Previous IAB research demonstrated that IAB Rising Stars Display ad units were more effective at driving interaction compared to standard banner ads. Applying the same principle, the research was developed to examine the effectiveness of IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad units on mobile devices. A popular and well known CPG brand from a major global packaged goods marketer was used as the test brand.

Mobile Challenges Facing Marketers

  • How do you grab and hold the attention of a mobile audience?
  • How do you deliver rich creative ad experiences that inspire interaction?
  • How do you prove mobile is working?

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