IAB Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist

IAB Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist

The IAB Media Center is proud to have released the IAB Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist.

To help buyers and sellers of podcast ad inventory succeed together, IAB has created the Podcasting Buyer-Seller Checklist. The checklist delves into the world of podcasting and is a must-have for agencies, brands, publishers, and ad tech. The podcasting industry continues to grow, but many advertisers have questions about how to run effective campaigns.

This comprehensive checklist walks through every stage of the podcast ad campaign cycle and provides a framework for buyers and sellers to align on objectives, targeting, creative, measurement, and more.

With insights from major players in the podcasting industry, the checklist helps to understand the medium's unique storytelling capabilities and data-driven targeting . . .

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