IAB Measurement Map: Video

IAB Measurement Map: Video

Measurement is central to powering the digital advertising ecosystem. Measurement systems generate metrics that are currency for buying and selling advertising. Standardized quality measurement is the basis for understanding how ads perform and if goals are met.

The current state of data is fragmented and with the impending loss of third-party cookies and identifiers, the industry faces significant measurement and attribution challenges in the areas due to:

•Inconsistent data
•Unorganized data
•Minimal standards
•Technical obstacles
•Lack of education/knowledge
•Lack of transparency
•Constant changes
•Privacy and regulation
•Too many single solutions
•No one-size-fits-all option

The IAB Programmatic+Data Center’s Measurement Maps Working Group (formerly the Measurement & Reporting Framework Working Group) is dedicated to solving these issues by developing . . .

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